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This page features marketing material for both The Document Foundation and LibreOffice.

General marketing material


請在一般與 LibreOffice 相關的演講中,使用下列簡報範本:



投影片以創用 CC 姓名標示-相同方式分享 4.0 的授權發布。


有關文件基金會、LibreOffice 及「文件解放」專案的歷史。(September 30, 2016) File:Final-history.odp


Introduction to LibreOffice, with a background on development, interoperability, quality, security and ODF (September 30, 2016) File:Final-libreofficeintro.odp

Introduction to LibreOffice 5.2, with slides about new features introduced by the last major release (September 30, 2016) File:Final-libreoffice52.odp

Open Document Format (ODF)

Introduction to the Open Document Format, with some basic comparison with the OOXML document format from Microsoft (September 30, 2016) File:Final-odf.odp

Introduction to the economics and the innovation of open standards (vs proprietary standards) (September 30, 2016) File:Final-openstandards.odp

Migration Protocol

Introduction to TDF Migration Protocol, with slides provoding informations on the different phases of the process (September 30, 2016) File:Final-migrationprotocol.odp

LibreOffice Certification

Introduction to LibreOffice Certification, with some background on the importance of IT certification (September 30, 2016) File:Final-whycertification.odp


A selection of useful slides from the "Future of Open Source Survey", providing some independent numbers about FOSS (September 30, 2016) File:Final-futureofopensource.odp

Presentations at Events




  • Airport Ad (.svg)    from Eliane Domingos de Souza for our fourth anniversary!

See also larger file and source file
Use the following code on your webpage (of course you can change the alt-text or the size :) )

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""  
alt="LibreOffice 4 years!"
width="100" height="140" /></a>

Christmas and New Year cards



The Marketing team is producing a series of brochures in two forms:

  • The community version is for conferences, LUG meetings, small print runs on business/home printers, etc. where official TDF/LibreOffice representation has not been approved. The community version uses the community logo (without the subline "The Document Foundation"). It is also designed to be as "ink-friendly" as possible without compromising the look and feel of a LibreOffice brochure.
  • The official version is intended for offset printers and officially approved TDF/LO purposes.

For completed brochures, templates, and work in progress, see the TDF-LibreOffice Brochure Workspace.

New flyers

  • For a flyer template for tenders, see this file.

Flyer - Het beste office-pakket met superveel mogelijkheden dat je ... - (9,9 x 21 cm) - version for 2017

Ontwerp van een nieuwe versie!

File:LibreOffice-2017 9.9X21 TwoPages NL klein.pdf

Flyer - Vrije software voor iedereen - (9,9 x 21 cm) - version for 2014

Here is the Dutch version of the English version below.

File:LibreOffice-2014 9.9X21 TwoPages NL klein.pdf

Flyer - Free Software for All - (9,9 x 21 cm) - version for 2014

Here is the English version of a file we made in Dutch initially end 2014. Please note that the front side is an extract from an ODG file.

LibreOffice-2014 9.9X21 TwoPages UK.png









File:LibreOffice-2014 9.9X21 UK.odt

PDF: File:LibreOffice-2014 9.9X21 UK.pdf

Of course the Dutch version is available too. Contact Cornouws (talk) for the ODG file if needed. 2015-04-16T10:50:20 (UTC)

Flyer - Open secret inside

Simple Folded Flyer

The Dutch language group has prepared a small folder flyer that gives short explanation, points to resource/documentation and invites to download :)

LibreOffice FlyerFolded Explanation.png







These are the following source files:

The result of the latter in PDF:



Stickers (designs for)

Design for "Love LibreOffice" sticker - September 2017 (an order for 1,000 stickers was placed)

Love LibreOffice sticker.png

ODG version for hi-res and editing | Turkish translation

Design for "Take back control" sticker - June 2017

Libreoffice sticker take back control.png

ODG version for hi-res and editing | Italian translation | Turkish translation

Design for sticker - October 2012 / June 2013

size 60 x 17 mm (2.36" x 0.67")

Version with text, June 2013

I-love-LibreOffice withText.png
size 110 x 29 mm (4.33" x 1.14")

Also ordered stickers with official design

also sizes 60 X 17 and 110 x 29 mm

Pen designs

I'm currently getting a design ready to print (using one of our vendors listed [Marketing/US/Vendors#Pens here]).

I'm starting with some advice on print-ready artwork in Inkscape.

  • The vendor says: Imprint Area: 3/4" high x 2-1/8" wide.
  • I'm going to add a 1/8" bleed, so that'll make the document 1" high x 2-3/8" wide
    • NOTE: You can't use 3 decimals in Inkscape' Custom Size box, so I rounded 2.375" -> 2.38"
  • I added guides to indent my working space, and used the dashed on the side to align them (perhaps a little closer than just looking at the decimal place readout in the lower-right corner)
  • I'm using the SVG logo source Media:LibreOffice-Initial-Artwork-Logo.svg linked from the Marketing/Branding page.
  • Here's what I came up with: Media:Libreoffice-never-run-out-of-ink_pen-design_2014.svg
Libreoffice-never-run-out-of-ink pen-design 2014.png

T-shirts / mugs (designs for)

Design for t-shirts and mugs - November 2012

LibreOffice 1to4 sml.jpeg


Title Preview Description Date
Banner for various booths
TDF FreeSoftwareForAll Banner 2014-10-23.png
General TDF banner, Free Software For All - also available in Dutch version
ask for odg source file
4th year libreoffice anniversary SVG graphics source file Mashup of the original 2010 community anniversary 2014-09-28
Flyer Hamburg Hackfest June 2013 File:HackfestHamburg2013Flyer.odg Targeted at students, nice explanation of LibreOffice and a hackfest (in German) 2013-06-15
Free Fun Fantastic banner - size 250 cm wide 80 cm high
Banner FreeFunFantastic HackingInTheFrontLine.png
2013 Fosdem, but may be used at any time :)

source file is here: File:Banner FreeFunFantastic HackingInTheFrontLine.odg

Mind that on the printed PDF, I had some small green lines that are not on the PDF. May be cause by heavy improvisation to get the banner together? (covered those with small white tape on the banner ;) )

Also make sure that the right font for "Hacking in the frontline' is available for the printer.

HackersEvent-OpenDay Flyer.png

File:HackersEvent-OpenDay Flyer.odg to adapt for your needs. Note that all boxes have names, and add your own QR Code ;)

10th Community Anniversary LibO CommunityAnniversary 10years 300x300.png

Logo for the 10th community anniversary:

LibreOffice Calender 2013 Media:LibreOffice Calendar.odg Calender 2013 2012-12-29
LibreOffice Calender 2013 with weeks Media:LibreOffice calendar with week.odg Calender 2013 with weeks 2012-12-30
Donate_and_DFD_Banner (2011) Donate and DFD Banner as it says 2011

Events banners for website

Preview, links to source Description
Didacta 2016 Fair Banner for Events Page (2000x667 px)
TDF's anniversary banner for Events Page (2000x667 px)
CeBIT 2016 banner for Events Page (2000x667 px)

Postcards for translating and printing

Click the image to get the .odg file for editing in LibreOffice Draw - see the summary for an English translation of the text:

Coolcard ODF and LO thumbnail.png