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    This page describes how to Troubleshoot and Report Printing Problems in a BugReport. As printing problems can be particularly difficult to confirm, we ask that everyone reporting printing issues take the time to read this page and do whatever troubleshooting is appropriate to your case.


    Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot your printing problems

    • Are you running the latest version of LibreOffice?

    => If not, please upgrade and test your bug again.

    • Does the printer work with any other applications on your computer?

    => If not, then this is probably a bug in the OS or the printer drivers, and not in LibreOffice.

    • Can you print to PDF correctly from LibreOffice? (File ▸ Print ▸ Printer ▸ Print to File, then click "Print to File")

    => Please provide results from this test to your bug report

      • [Ed. note -- It would be helpful for us to provide instructions on how to install a PDF printer on Win, Mac, and Lin, as that probably tests more of the printing architecture in LibreOffice than any built-in 'Print to File' mechanism]
    • Have you checked to ensure you are using the latest print driver from your manufacturer?

    => If not, please do check and upgrade if appropriate

    • If you have a 2nd computer you can use to test, does it have the same issue with the printer?

    => If not, is the 2nd computer running a different OS? A different version of LibreOffice? A different version of the print drivers? Or is there some other difference between the two?

    • If you have a 2nd printer to test on, does the problem occur on a 2nd printer as well?

    => Please provide results from this test to your bug report - it is important to determine if this is printer specific of a more general issue

    • Are you printing in PDF or in PS mode?

    => Please provide this information in your Bug Report

    Information that would be helpful for a Bug Report

    • Printer make and model
    • Any relevant information about your print driver
    • Are you using LibreOffice dialogs or system dialogs? (Tools -> Options -> General)
    • Your complete OS information (OS, Version, last updated)
    • LibreOffice version
    • Relevant attachments/test cases (if appropriate)

    Reporting the Printing Bug

    See the BugReport page for general bug reporting instructions.

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