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Help Us Make LibreOffice 4.0.0 a Great Release

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The first stable release of LibreOffice 4 will be arriving in February of 2013. LibreOffice Developers worldwide have been hard at work patching bugs, adding additional features and implementing enhancement requests. Now it's time for the equally important task of quality checking their hard work in order to ensure that the latest and greatest LibreOffice release will be amazing.

We will be putting LibreOffice 4.0.0 Beta 1 to the test during an international, 6 day test marathon and we want to invite EVERYONE to participate! The testing will begin on December 14th and continue through December 19th. There are two primary goals which this test marathon will focus on:

  • Find and report as many bugs as possible before release
  • Confirm bugs that are already reported against Version 4.+

Together we help to make LibreOffice 4.0.0 a great one! Join our LibreOffice 4.0 Test Marathon from December 14 to 19 ! With your help we can ensure that the 2nd Beta release, the Release Candidate, and finally the stable release in February continue to improve for the community at large :)

If you at any point need help or clarifications, best ask on IRC-chat or the qa-mailing-list. See Join the Community below!

How to Participate

Dates: December 14th, 2012 - December 19th, 2012

Download & Install

Note that when you install, in most cases the install will be parallel to your stable release which is already installed. An example is in Ubuntu installing the Beta 1 *.deb will result in your having two install of LibreOffice (stable and beta), if you need help with this please join us on IRC and we'll walk you through the process.

Test Features

Test anything and everything. Do your daily work on Version 4.0 Beta 1, experiment with features, go into menus, click on icons, play around with new features, etc... etc...
NOTE: Be aware that this is a beta release, so doing your daily work MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF DATA, and this is precisely why we need to test these features out :)

Here are some pointers on things you can test if you're not sure where to start:

  • your own favorite features
  • look at the (draft) release notes
  • Specific Requests Below: Testing Requests
  • pick up some tests from the standard test cases.
  • we will try give some useful queries at this place later, that will lead you to bugs that need some checking:

Verify Fixes

Take a look at these bugs. They have been marked as RESOLVED and FIXED by the developers for the 4.0 release.

  • Try if you still see the bug or if it is indeed fixed for you.
  • If you still find the bug, make sure to make a note on the bug.
  • If you are certain that the bug is indeed gone, you can toogle the bug from RESOLVED to VERIFIED, with a short comment (best include some short info on which platform you tested on). It will then also disappear from that list.

Confirm Reported Bugs

Below you find links to lists of bugs that need to be confirmed. These have been reported by someone, but to make sure its is not for example:

  • a misconfiguration on the machine of that particular user
  • a hardware or driver issue or something similar

We need to CONFIRM the bug. To do that, follow the description of the bug and see if you can reproduce the faulty behavior. If you can reproduce the bug and it is not confirmed yet:

  • add a comment saying "I can confirm this bug on platform XXX" (plus any other relevant information on your test setup)
  • and with that you can toggle the bug from UNCONFIRMED to NEW

If you can not reproduce the bug:

  • add a comment saying "I can not reproduce this bug on platform XXX" (plus any other relevant information on your test setup)
  • if you are missing details, ask the reporter to provide additional information about how the bug shows up (platform, test documents, etc.) and if you feel the bug can not be further investigated with the current information you can toggle the bug from UNCONFIRMED to NEEDINFO.

List of bugs that need to be confirmed:

Report New Bugs

This is a Beta version of LibreOffice and like any software, we expect that there will be bugs. If you happen to find one of these bugs, please report the bugs that you find. But, before doing so please CONFIRM that this is in fact a bug and that it is not a duplicate of another bug that's already been reported. There are two ways to report bugs with LibreOffice:

  1. Bug Submission Assistant (Easier)
  2. Bugzilla


  1. We are interested in all bugs but our main focus at this point is finding regressions. If the bug is a regression against an older version of LibreOffice please make sure to add regression to the whiteboard status when prompted to do so or add a comment saying that there is a regression.
  2. Please include AS MANY DETAILS as possible, most important are your operating system, steps to reproduce and if possible an attachment that displays behavior
  3. Please look for duplicates that already exist, Bug Submission Assistant will offer similar bugs, if one seems the same, don't duplicate the bug, instead just add a comment

Join the Community & Find Others

During the week we hope that developers, quality testers, and users collaborate often. In order to do this, developers and QA volunteers will be available throughout the week on our IRC channel, also the mailing list is always an option :)

  • IRC: #libreoffice-qa You can join our QA channel where developers, quality testers and users will be able to communicate live about possible bugs and or to find guidance/collaborate on testing.
List of Experts that can be pinged:
Joel Madero (jmadero, PST - USA West Coast, Fri/Mon/Tue/Wed on and off from 7:45am - 11:00pm)
Florian Reisinger (reisi007)
Bjoern Michaelsen (Sweetshark, on duty: Mon/Tue/Wed European time)
Michael Meeks (mmeeks, on duty Fri/Mon/Tue/Wed during European time)
Rob Snelders (ertai_NL, on and off on Sat/Sun during European time)
Cor Nouws (cornouws, on and off irregular times)

All of the QA volunteers will be responding to mailing list questions as fast as possible during this week (expect no greater than 24 hours, more likely than not less than 12 hour response time). IRC is preferred but if you're more comfortable with mailing lists, send your questions here

Specific Requests for Testing

For any developers or QA, if there are specific things that you want tested, please list them here and we'll make sure to test it over the week.

More on Bug Reporting

There are additional steps which can be done that makes fixing bugs much more useful, if you're interested in helping out further please see the following page:

  • Bibisect: For regressions bibisecting the bug helps tremendously, this pinpoints at what point the bug appeared (up to a certain point). If you have a bit more technical knowledge a bibisect would be great, for information see If there is a bug that you want to pin point as clear as possible, then please see How to Bibisect in LibreOffice

More Information

More info on working with our test cases, is here

If you have an idea for a test case, feel welcome to post this at our QA mailing list

Stats from our Test Marathon

Attached you'll find a spreadsheet with some useful stats.

File:QA Test Marathon Stats.ods