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This page is a translated version of the page ReleaseNotes/6.3 and the translation is 50% complete.

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  • The "Words With TWo INitial CApitals" AutoCorrect exception list function has been extended to also be considered when changing case in "Capitalize first letter of every sentence" and "Correct accidental use of cAPS lOCK key" functions. This allows avoid auto-capitalization in words like mRNA, iPhone, fMRI. It has been renamed to "Words With TWo INitial CApitals or sMALL iNITIAL" tdf#121779 (Mike Kaganski - Collabora).
  • Added UNO command .uno:TableCellBackgroundColor to allow setting single and multiple selected table cell(s) background color tdf#82504 (Jim Raykowski)
  • Add "Send Outline to Clipboard" button to Navigator -> Context Menu (right click on "Headings") tdf#123395 (Wenzhe Pei).


  • Speed-up loading and rendering of Calc files (Serge Krot, CIB) tdf#121052

Rework Data -> Statistics -> Sampling dialog

Die gesamte Arbeit wurde von Eike Rathke erstellt. commit

  • Add "With replacement" checkbutton
    • checked: WR (with replacement, put back after draw), larger sample size than population size possible
      • mutually exclusive with "Keep order"
    • unchecked: WOR (without replacement, do not put back after draw), sample size limited to population size
      • automatically unchecked for "Periodic" samples
  • Add "Keep order" checkbutton
    • checked: samples are drawn in order of population data
      • WOR method mutually exclusive with "With replacement"
      • automatically checked for "Periodic" samples
    • unchecked: samples are drawn in random order
  • Limit "Sample size" and "Period" input fields to size of population for all WOR methods
    • when limiting, increment "Sample size" and "Period" up to their last known value when enlargening the population size

Previously, for "Periodic" samples the "Period" field was never limited, which for populations of smaller size makes no sense.

The new recent implementation for "Random" without "Keep order" and without "With replacement" set (WOR) strictly needs "Sample size" limited to population size.

Neue Funktionen

FOURIER() function

FOURIER(Array, GroupedByColumns, Inverse, Polar, MinimumMagnitude) is a matrix formula that computes discrete Fourier transform [DFT] of an input array (first argument) using a couple of Fast Fourier Transform algorithms. All features of this formula will also be available graphically via the dialog Data ▸ Statistics ▸ Fourier analysis tdf#74664 blog (Dennis Francis, Collabora)

The data in input array(first argument) can be:

  • grouped by columns (needs to be indicated by flag GroupedByColumns = TRUE). In this case the array can contain 1 or 2 columns, where the first column contains the real part of input sequence and second column if present contains the imaginary part of the input sequence. If there is only 1 column, the input sequence is treated as purely real.
  • grouped by rows (needs to be indicated by flag GroupedByColumns = FALSE). In this case the array can contain 1 or 2 rows, where the first row contains the real part of input sequence and second row if present contains the imaginary part of the input sequence. If there is only 1 row, the input sequence is treated as purely real.

The third argument "Inverse" is a boolean flag to indicate whether an inverse DFT needs to be computed. This argument is optional and the default value is FALSE.

The fourth argument Polar is a boolean flag to indicate whether the final output needs to be in polar coordinates. This argument is optional and the default value is FALSE.

The result of DFT consists of two columns - first column contains the real parts (or the magnitudes if Polar=TRUE) and second column contains the imaginary parts (or the phases if Polar=TRUE).

There is a 5th optional parameter, MinimumMagnitude. This parameter is used only if Polar=TRUE. All frequency components with magnitude less than MinimumMagnitude will be suppressed with a zero magnitude-phase entry. This is very useful when looking at the magnitude-phase spectrum of a signal because there is always some very tiny amount of rounding error when doing FFT algorithms and results in incorrect non-zero phase for non-existent frequencies. By providing a suitable value to this parameter, these non-existent frequency components can be suppressed. By default the value of this 5th parameter is 0.0, so *no* suppression is done by default.

Fourier Analysis Tool in action

Geänderte Funktionen

Impress & Draw

  • May now drag'n'drop multiple Impress animations to reorder them. (Brian Fraser) commit
  • Introduce an expert option 'WriteLayerStateAsConfigItem' with default value 'true'. If you set it to 'false', the visible/printable/locked state of layers are only written ODF conform to part styles.xml, otherwise to settings.xml in addition. You might need the option 'false' to avoid inconsistency in case you manipulate layers via macro. (Regina Henschel) commit



  • Implement feature to disable legend entry for series (Markus Mohrhard) tdf#51671
  • Add palette selection to options charts default colors (Jim Raykowski) tdf#105225



Kern / Allgemein

  • LibreOffice TWAIN module on Windows was reimplemented as a separate 32-bit shim executable (twain32shim.exe). This allows both 32-bit and 64-bit LibreOffice to use 32-bit TWAIN Windows component. Now finally LibreOffice x64 for Windows is able to use scanner (tdf#114635 - Mike Kaganski, Collabora).
  • The number of saved searches in the Find & Replace dialog can be adjusted per expert configuration Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced org::openoffice::Office::Common::Misc::FindReplaceRememberedSearches tdf#122322 (Heiko Tietze)
  • New command .uno:InsertNarrowNobreakSpace introduced bound to Shift+Alt+Space that inserts a non-breakable narrow space (U+202F) tdf#121596 (Heiko Tietze)
  • Now, like other controls for example the tree control, it is be possible to create and change properties of UNO grid control and UNO Hyperlink control within the Dialog-Editor tdf#53524,i#119731 (Shubham Goyal, Samuel Mehrbrodt).

LibreOffice Hilfe

  • Help pages in Python Macro programming (Alain Romedenne, Olivier Hallot)
  • More pages on undocumented BASIC oobjects and functions (Alain Romedenne, Olivier Hallot)
  • Python and BASIC code fragments better rendered in Help pages (Olivier Hallot)

Bascode rendering.png

  • Extension of the XML dictionary (DTD) to simplify markup for Help pages (Olivier Hallot)
  • The Online Help Editor (Olivier Hallot, Mike Saunders)
  • Refactoring of Math icons to SVG (Mark Robbinson)
  • Code cleanups and typo fixing (Sophia Schröder, Andrea Gelmini)


Improvements of the PDF export filter

  • added support for PDF/A-2 export, switched UI to use that instead of PDF/A-1 tdf#62728 (Thorsten Behrens, CIB)

Improvements of OOXML filters

  • Added support for export to spreadsheet template file .xltx tdf#99438 (Vasily Melenchuk)
  • Added support for export to text document template file .dotx commit (Vasily Melenchuk)

Improvements of Tagged PDF export

Several enhancements were made to Tagged PDF export in order to improve accessibility of produced documents and PDF standard compliance, in particular:

  • better tagging of bullets and numbered lists
  • export of image title and description (alt text)
  • images on slide/page background are now exported as artifacts, thus not announced by screenreader

This work has been sponsored by Blackboard Ally (Armin Le Grand, Katarina Behrens, CIB)


Classic Toolbars

  • Toolbar More controls was deleted and all icons from this toolbar were moved to toolbar Form Controls. It was made for all modules of LibreOffice. tdf#112411 (Roman Kuznetsov)

Icon Theme

  • Sifr icon theme got a huge update (Andreas Kainz)



  • Sidebar width can now be configured via the Office/UI/Sidebar/General/MaximumWidth config option. tdf#124255 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)
  • Some improvements to handle different widths for sidebar decks commit 1 commit 2 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)



Einbindung weiterer Sprachen

Entfernte / Veraltete Funktionen


Die Unterstützung für Java 5 wurde entfernt. Java 6 ist nun die älteste noch unterstützte Version.

Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB






KDE 5 + Qt5


Alle hier und in den Unterpunkten aufgeführten Neuerungen/Änderungen/Entfernungen dürften den durchschnittlichen deutschen Endanwender nicht interessieren oder sogar irritieren. Von einer Übersetzung/Übernahme sollte deshalb abgesehen werden. Der versierte Endanwender, dem diese Informationen nützen, sollte in der Lage sein, sich diese auch auf der englischen Seite zu besorgen.
Lediglich der Vollständigkeit halber:

UNO API-Änderungen

  • The range of supported values for a Writer document's property ZoomValue has been reduced from 5–1000 to 20–600. commit

Änderungen der Konfiguration


Android Viewer

Neue Features