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This page is a translated version of the page ReleaseNotes/7.3 and the translation is 34% complete.
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یادداشت‌های انتشار لیبره‌آفیس به زبان فارسی

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رایتر(واژه پرداز)

بهبودهای کلی

اکنون می‌توان فراپیوندها را به شکل‌ها tdf#123626 متصل کرد (ساموئل مهربرود، آلوتروپیا)

لنگرهای پاورقی و یادداشت پایانی در انتهای یک پاراگراف اکنون دقیقاً همان‌طور که قبلاً در میان پاراگراف برای اهداف جستجو/جایگزینی با عبارات منظم یعنی [\p{Control}] یا [:control:] مورد استفاده قرار می‌گرفتند، با آن‌ها رفتار می‌شود. این بدان معنی است که هنگام تطبیق متن با پایان پاراگراف tdf#137737 باید آن‌ها را در نظر گرفت.

  • آغاز پشتیبانی از سطح فهرست در سبک‌های پاراگراف در واژه‌نگار پست وبلاگی (میکلوش واجنا، کولابرا)
  • شروع پشتیبانی از سبک نویسه‌ها و پاراگراف‌ها پست وبلاگی (میکلوش واجنا، کولابرا)

حالت پیگیری شده حذف/درج ردیف جدول

افزودن پشتیبانی از مصورسازی و مدیریت تغییرات حالت ردیابی حذف و درج جدول‌ها و ردیف‌های جدول. (لازلو نمت، NISZ)

پشتیبانی اولیه از ردیابی تغییر جدول (معرفی شده توسط لیبره آفیس 7.2، tdf#60382، tdf#79069 را ببینید) با بهبودهای زیر توسعه یافته است:

به جای نمایش سلول های خالی، ردیف‌ها و جدول‌های حذف شده جدول را در حالت مخفی کردن تغییرات پنهان کنید tdf#144057

نمایش درج جدول و ردیف جدول به رنگ فیروزه‌ای و حذف‌ها به رنگ صورتی در حالت نمایش تغییرات tdf#146120

در مدیریت تغییرات، حذف/درج جداول یا ردیف‌های متوالی جدول را با یک کلیک بپذیرید یا رد کنید. tdf#144270

با کلیک بر روی یک ردیف جدول، حذف/درج آن را بپذیرید یا رد کنید tdf#146145

راهنمای ابزار را به ردیف‌های جدول با ردیابی تغییرات اضافه کنید tdf#146144

  • ردیابی تغییرات درج ردیف‌های خالی جدول tdf#143358
  • ردیابی تغییرات حذف ردیف‌های خالی جدول tdf#143359
  • Accept/reject all text/row changes of a selected table or cell range (not only changes of their first cell) tdf#147182
Highlighted tracked row changes, and improved Manage Changes dialog window with the new table (row) changes

متن متحرک ردیابی شده

During track changes, show moved text in green color and with double strikethrough or underlines to speed up reviewing. Add new tooltip captions and Manage Changes Action icons for tracked text moving. Re-ordered list elements or changed paragraph or sentence order is more visible this way. Tracked moving is detected at Move Up/Down, drag & drop, cut & paste and deletion + re-typing, also during ODT and DOCX import (including documents created with editors which lack of tracked text moving support, like Google Docs or web version of Microsoft Office). tdf#145233 tdf#145718 tdf#145719 tdf#145721 (László Németh, NISZ)

Tracked list item moved by Move Down, with new tooltip caption and Manage Changes Action icons

بهبودهای دیگر در ردیابی تغییرات

Related to changes of paragraph formatting etc. (László Németh, NISZ).

  • Fixed table formula calculation at track changes tdf#39828
  • Track changes: fix table deletion at paragraph join tdf#144058
  • Track changes: keep format of hints. When a text has multiple character formatting settings enabled and a new one is applied with tracked changes, only one of the former settings is restored upon rejecting the changes. tdf#144173
  • Track format changes of the actual word. If there is no text selection, character formattings are applied on the word under the text cursor, now with storing the original direct character formatting in a redline "extra data" for rejection of the tracked formatting change. tdf#143939
  • Show bullet and numbering changes at the moved list item, not at the next one. tdf#145068
A list item moved by Move Down: show changes only in two items, not in four items.
  • Fix order of tracked deletions at same position. tdf#107292


  • Increased a PDF export speed of some complex documents tdf#125892 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)
  • Speed up loading large RTL documents tdf#64991 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)

حساب‌گر (صفحه گسترده)

بهبودهای کلی

  • The "Link to External Data" dialogue (Sheet ▸ Link to External Data...) now lists HTML tables in the order they appear in the source. tdf#142600 (Andreas Heinisch)
HTML table list in the "Link to External Data" dialogue. LibreOffice 7.3 (on the right) now lists the tables in the order they appear in the source. (LibreOffice 7.2 on the left.)
  • Whitespace line feed and character tabulation in cell formula expressions are now preserved and survive round-tripping between OOXML and ODF file formats. Tabs however can not be entered in the cell input UI and are converted to one space character. tdf#76310 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • CSV import/export support a sep=; and "sep=;" field separator setting. When reading CSV the separator is taken from an initial sep=; or "sep=;" single field if that is the only row content. The quoted form is preserved as (unquoted) cell content, of the unquoted form the separator is discarded as contextually it is a real field separator. When writing CSV an existing single top left cell's content sep=; if that is the only cell in the row is adapted to the current separator in the quoted form "sep=;" (if quotes / text delimiters aren't set empty ...) and always uses the ASCII " double quote character. If the line containing the sep=; is not to be imported as data (and thus also is not preserved when re-saving) then the From row number in the dialog must be set to 2. tdf#117868 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • A new Evaluate formulas option in the CSV Import and Paste Special and Text to Column dialog determines whether formula expressions starting with a = equal sign character are to be evaluated as formulas or imported as textual data. In the programmatic FilterOptions string this is the 13th parameter (token 12) with arguments either false or true. tdf#114878 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • Bash like autocompletion for Calc autoinput was implemented. tdf#145198 (Dennis Francis, Collabora)
Consider an example of the following data in a column:
When user types A, it will show the partial suggestion BCD.
User can accept the suggestion with the right arrow key and then the cursor will be placed after the letter D, waiting for more input. User can choose to not accept the suggestion either by typing more or by ending the edit mode by pressing Esc key.
If the user accepts the suggestion BCD by right arrow key, and types 1, it will show a partial suggestion of 23. User can accept this by pressing the right arrow key.
If the user accepts the suggestion in the 3rd step and types x it will show the final suggestion yz. Again user can choose to accept or decline the suggestion as mentioned in the 1st step.
  • Cell cursor now uses the system's highlight color instead of the default font color to improve visibility tdf#142121 (Natalia Gavrilova)
Note that the cursor in cell C4 now using the highlight color instead of the default font color
  • Support Color Filter in "Standard Filter" dialog tdf#143103 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
Standard filter supports filtering by colors
  • Queries and filters using some text-based operations such as 'contains' now properly work even with numeric data core commit 0d1971a8 (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)
  • Quick find will now search for values instead of formulas (the search dialog offers both options). tdf#102506 (Julien Nabet)
  • Available since 7.3.1
    : Fixed a bug that caused table cells incorrectly placed when pasting a HTML table content. tdf#74577, tdf#92960 (Eike Rathke)

توابع تغییر یافته صفحه گسترده

  • Option "Search criteria = and <> must apply to whole cells" has been fixed to apply properly in lookup functions when turned off (tdf#139612). For better performance it is recommended to leave the option on unless partial cell matching is required. (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)
  • The IF() function now unconditionally propagates the condition's error value, if any. Previously a given ELSE-path was executed as the condition is never TRUE on error, which wasn't significant unless the ELSE was an error evaluating function like IFERROR() or ISERROR() or other IS...() functions.
    This changes behaviour of an undocumented side effect, so might break existing expressions that (unwillingly?) relied on it. tdf#146377 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)


  • Improved speed of some XLSM files opening tdf#95549 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)
  • Speedup inserting large charts (for over 800000 cells) tdf#144052 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)
  • Improved speed of some XLSX files opening tdf#130795 (Noel Grandin, Collabora)

نگارگر و ارائه‌گر

بهبودهای کلی

  • Added PowerPoint-compatible screen sizes in Slide ▸ Slide Properties... ▸ Slide ▸ Paper Format. "Widescreen" is used in current PowerPoint, "On-screen show" is used in previous PowerPoint versions and Google Slides. (see here) If you create a file with these sizes, the exported file will be treated as a preset size instead of a user size. It will also be treated as a preset size when you import it. tdf#142286, tdf#142288 (Jun Nogata)
  • Unshare shape properties for the same type before insertion blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • tdf#140321 (Regina Henschel)
    Wire Frame - Matt - Plastic - Metal
    The dialog "3D-Settings" opens if you toggle a shape to "Extrusion on". The dialog has a drop-down list "Surface" with items "Wire Frame", "Matt", "Plastic" and "Metal". In the old version the items "Matt", "Plastic" and "Metal" did nothing, but the solid was always rendered as "Plastic". Now you get different surfaces. "Matt" is really matte. "Metal" is similar to "Plastic" but has more contrast.
Unfortunately the old versions have written wrong and invalid values into the file. Such values might result in unwanted rendering now. To repair such shapes, mark the shape, then first switch to item "Matt" and then to "Plastic" or "Metal" respectively.

پایگاه داده



هسته / عمومی

  • LibreOffice can now generate one-dimensional barcodes in addition to QR codes. tdf#141193 (Akshit Kushwaha)
QR and Barcode dialog next to inserted barcode on page.
  • new WebDAV/HTTP UCP based on libcurl. tdf#101094, tdf#102499 (Michael Stahl, allotropia; Giuseppe Castagno)
    • using the OS native TLS stack on Windows and macOS, so users can now manage trust of CAs with OS UI on these platforms
  • Border line widths have been unified throughout LibreOffice. tdf#48622 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
    • New defaults are:
      • Hairline (0.05pt)
      • Very thin (0.5pt)
      • Thin (0.75pt)
      • Medium (1.5pt)
      • Thick (2.25pt)
      • Extra thick (4.5pt)
      • Custom values are still possible
New line width defaults


  • Fixed a mistake that was making CJK text rendering slower over time core commit 5b38b574 (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)
  • Various rendering improvements in the Skia-based rendering backend (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)
  • Official binary packages are now built using Link-Time OptimizationWikipedia logo v3.svg, which should improve overall performance (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)

راهنمای لیبره آفیس

  • Help pages for the ScriptForge scripting library (J.P. Ledure, A. Romedenne, R. Lima)
  • Focus search results to user's current module tdf#123506 (Ross Johnson)
  • Switch from Fuzzysort to FlexSearch for index search [commit] (I. Lauhakangas)
  • Close navigation menus when clicking outside them [commit] (I. Lauhakangas)


ارتقای پالایه درون‌ریزی/برون‌بری DOC

ارتقای پالایه درون‌ریزی/برون‌بری DOCX

  • Hyperlinks attached to shapes are now imported/exported tdf#123626 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
  • DOCX import: fix permission for editing tdf#89383 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ)
  • DOCX export/import: track change of paragraph style tdf#144272 (László Németh, NISZ)
  • DOCX import: fix user index and index entry support defined by field code \f. This is a reworking of a previously patch. Now the import uses com.sun.star.text.UserIndex and com.sun.star.text.UserIndexMark index and index entry fields, which support the requested user index not only during the DOCX and OpenDocument round-trip, but its run-time functionality, the multiple user-defined indices tdf#77051 (László Németh, NISZ)
  • DOCX import: handle ZOrder of chart objects tdf#144798 (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)

ارتقای پالایه درون‌ریزی/برون‌بری XLSX

  • XLSX import: decreased a row height for XLSX files created by MS Office tdf#144642 (Attila Szűcs, NISZ)
  • XLSX export: cell indent doesn't increase on each save now tdf#130104 (Kevin Suo)
  • XLSX import: fix permission for editing tdf#115933 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ)
  • XLSX import/export: fix permission for editing. The password for editing wasn't asked, also wasn't exported in XLSX documents. tdf#118938 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ). Now it's exported in Calc using the following steps, also verified before editing:
    • In File->Save As, choose Excel 2007–365 (.xlsx) format;
    • enable checkbox "Save with password" and click Save;
    • in the dialog "Set password", click on "Options" and enable checkbox "Open file read-only", and enter a password for editing (i.e. skip the password for opening).
  • Calc buttons with macros: better XLSX support blog post (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • OOXML chart import/export: Chart labels from cell-range tdf#143942 (Dennis Francis, Collabora)
  • OOXML chart import/export: Chart date categories - improved support for formatting, scaling, range-selection(min/max), increments core commit f547cf17 (Dennis Francis, Collabora)

ارتقای پالایه درون‌ریزی/برون‌بری PPTX

  • PPTX export: fixed interactions and hyperlinks on images tdf#124232 (Tibor Nagy, NISZ)
  • PPTX import: Impress doesn't drop the read-only password in PPTX file now tdf#144943 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ)
  • PPTX import: fix hyperlinks on shapes tdf#144616 (Tibor Nagy, NISZ)
  • PPTX import: fix hyperlinks on images tdf#141704 (Tibor Nagy, NISZ)
  • Fix the incorrect import of slide footers from PPTX tdf#142221 (Sarper Akdemir, Collabora)
  • Make slide footers get exported to PPTX tdf#59323 (Sarper Akdemir, Collabora)


  • TXT file extension is no longer associated with T602 file format, which used to lead to mis-detections in some cases (Jan Holešovský, Collabora)

رابط گرافیکی کاربر


  • The wavy lines indicating spelling or grammar issues have been improved to be more discernible in high-resolution screens. Now, they will match the document’s zoom level instead of staying thin unconditionally. tdf#70519 (Heiko Tietze, TDF)

تم‌های شمایل

  • Tweaks to Colibre icons related to graphics, saving, formatting and undo/redo. (Rizal Muttaqin)


Note pin.svg

If you speak an endangered language and want to help us to achieve our goals of providing libre tools to every person on the planet, please help translate our software.

زبان/محل‌های جدید با داده‌های محلی

به عنوان زبان سند پیش فرض و برای قالب‌بندی خاص محلی موجود است.

Available as default document language and for locale-specific formatting.

  • English (Israel) {en-IL}. tdf#145173 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)

زبان‌های جدید در فهرست زبان‌ها

Available for text attribution.

  • Klingon, tlhIngan Hol {tlh}. tdf#143946 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • Interslavic Latin {art-Latn-x-interslv} and Interslavic Cyrillic {art-Cyrl-x-interslv}. tdf#145853 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)

بهبود ابزارهای تصحیح و پشتیبانی زبان

  • Language entries in language listboxes created by spellchecker or hyphenation dictionaries or extensions that support languages without a predefined language listbox entry are now displayed using a possibly translated language/locale name obtained from the ICU (International Components for Unicode) library. Previously such entries were displayed as language tags in curly brackets, for example {en-SG}. (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • Old Hungarian has got full-text transliteration support: Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ Apply and Tools ▸ AutoCorrect ▸ Apply and Edit Changes transliterate right-to-left Hungarian text to Old Hungarian (only if the paragraph style of the text is Default Paragraph Style). tdf#143176 (László Németh). More info in Release Notes 7.0
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) thesaurus (Olivier Hallot)

اسکریپت نویسی

کتابخانه‌های لیبره آفیس

An extensible and robust collection of macro scripting resources for LibreOffice to be invoked from user Basic or Python scripts. (Jean-Pierre Ledure)

The libraries expose a total of 23 services each with a bunch of methods and properties.

جدید در لیبره آفیس 7.3

  • The (new) Chart service, to define chart documents stored in Calc sheets. Most parameters available in the user interface can be set by script.
  • The (new) PopupMenu service, to describe the menu to be displayed after a mouse event (typically a right-click). The menu may contain usual items, checkboxes or radio buttons. Each item can be decorated with icons and tooltips.
  • Management of printers: list of fonts and printers, printer options, printing documents.
  • Export of documents to PDF and management of PDF options.
  • Dialogs may host table controls. Provide tabular data, the data is displayed with headers and sort buttons. The selected row is returned by the Value property.
  • Titles, tooltips, list- or comboboxes, labels of dialogs can be translated on-the-fly based on tools provided in the L10N service.
  • The Calc service has been improved with facilities to identify cell ranges when their size is unknown, f.i. after the import of data, and to apply formulas with absolute and relative references on them.
  • The whole set of services is made available for Python scripts with identical syntax and behaviour as in Basic.


  • Up to and including LibreOffice 7.2, missing optional procedure arguments would be treated as an object of type Error, with error code '448', which would be coerced to e.g. numerical value '448' or boolean true in expressions depending on expression context. This now raises an error, as expected tdf#144353. In particular, expressions like "if IsMissing(FOO) or FOO" used to work "by accident", but now don't any more.


تغییرات VBA

سازگاری با سکوی اجرا


  • لیبره آفیس 7.3 برای اجرا به macOS 10.12 یا جدیدتر نیاز دارد.
Due to Apple's policy regarding C++ standard library features, the minimum macOS version requirement will be raised in the future like so:
  • release in Aug 2022 → 10.13 High Sierra
  • release in Feb 2023 → 10.14 Mojave
  • release in Aug 2023 → 10.15 Catalina
  • A rendering backend based on the Skia library is now used also on macOS [۱] (Luboš Luňák, Collabora)


تغییرات رابط برنامه‌نویسی (API)

  • The C functions rtl_str_toFloat, rtl_str_toDouble, rtl_ustr_toFloat, and rtl_ustr_toDouble, and the C++ member functions rtl::OString::toFloat, rtl::OString::toDouble, rtl::OUString::toFloat, and rtl::OUString::toDouble no longer accept a “+” or “-” sign before “NaN” when parsing the XML Schema–style Not a Number notation. (But they still accept an optional “+” or “-” sign before the legacy “1.#NAN” notation.) core commit 9d27a44e
  • osl_demultiplexSocketEvents and its support functionality, all of which were deprecated, have been removed from the UNO C/C++ API. core commit db392a8a

UNO API changes

  • در com.sun.star.i18n, اعضای بسیاری از فهرست‌های شمارشی (enum) تغییر یافته‌اند (برای استفاده نکردن از شناسه‌های رزور شده): core commit 04af4e4f
    • در com.sun.star.i18n.TransliterationModules:
      • از ignoreTraditionalKanji_ja_JP به IgnoreTraditionalKanji_ja_JP
      • از ignoreTraditionalKana_ja_JP به IgnoreTraditionalKana_ja_JP
      • از ignoreMinusSign_ja_JP به IgnoreMinusSign_ja_JP
      • از ignoreIterationMark_ja_JP به IgnoreIterationMark_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSeparator_ja_JP به IgnoreSeparator_ja_JP
      • از ignoreZiZu_ja_JP به IgnoreZiZu_ja_JP
      • از ignoreBaFa_ja_JP به IgnoreBaFa_ja_JP
      • از ignoreTiJi_ja_JP به IgnoreTiJi_ja_JP
      • از ignoreHyuByu_ja_JP به IgnoreHyuByu_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSeZe_ja_JP به IgnoreSeZe_ja_JP
      • از ignoreIandEfollowedByYa_ja_JP به IgnoreIandEfollowedByYa_ja_JP
      • از ignoreKiKuFollowedBySa_ja_JP به IgnoreKiKuFollowedBySa_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSize_ja_JP به IgnoreSize_ja_JP
      • از ignoreProlongedSoundMark_ja_JP به IgnoreProlongedSoundMark_ja_JP
      • از ignoreMiddleDot_ja_JP به IgnoreMiddleDot_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSpace_ja_JP به IgnoreSpace_ja_JP
      • از smallToLarge_ja_JP به SmallToLarge_ja_JP
      • از largeToSmall_ja_JP به LargeToSmall_ja_JP
    • در com.sun.star.i18n.TransliterationModulesNew:
      • از ignoreTraditionalKanji_ja_JP به IgnoreTraditionalKanji_ja_JP
      • از ignoreTraditionalKana_ja_JP به IgnoreTraditionalKana_ja_JP
      • از ignoreMinusSign_ja_JP به IgnoreMinusSign_ja_JP
      • از ignoreIterationMark_ja_JP به IgnoreIterationMark_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSeparator_ja_JP به IgnoreSeparator_ja_JP
      • از ignoreZiZu_ja_JP به IgnoreZiZu_ja_JP
      • از ignoreBaFa_ja_JP به IgnoreBaFa_ja_JP
      • از ignoreTiJi_ja_JP به IgnoreTiJi_ja_JP
      • از ignoreHyuByu_ja_JP به IgnoreHyuByu_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSeZe_ja_JP به IgnoreSeZe_ja_JP
      • از ignoreIandEfollowedByYa_ja_JP به IgnoreIandEfollowedByYa_ja_JP
      • از ignoreKiKuFollowedBySa_ja_JP به IgnoreKiKuFollowedBySa_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSize_ja_JP به IgnoreSize_ja_JP
      • از ignoreProlongedSoundMark_ja_JP به IgnoreProlongedSoundMark_ja_JP
      • از ignoreMiddleDot_ja_JP به IgnoreMiddleDot_ja_JP
      • از ignoreSpace_ja_JP به IgnoreSpace_ja_JP
      • از smallToLarge_ja_JP به SmallToLarge_ja_JP
      • از largeToSmall_ja_JP به LargeToSmall_ja_JP
    • در com.sun.star.i18n.UnicodeScript:
      • از k_CJKUnifiedIdeographsExtensionA به kCJKUnifiedIdeographsExtensionA

تغییرات پیکربندی

تغییرات ابزار تولید نرم‌افزار ‌(SDK)