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This page is a translated version of the page ReleaseNotes/7.2 and the translation is 59% complete.
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本页中常见的“tdf#XXXXXX”为官方缺陷追踪系统的 bug 编号和链接,“源码提交 XXXXXXXX”为官方源代码改动提交系统的编号和链接,这些链接的网页均为英文。其它外链若没有特别注明也均为英文。

Writer 文字处理


  • Alphabetical Indexes, Tables of Contents and User-Defined Indexes will now generate clickable hyperlinks to Document Index Entry Marks core commit 7685c074 (Michael Stahl, allotropia)
Writer showing various indexes with mouse-over tooltip of a hyperlink to a document index entry mark
  • 现在可以在背景填充时,设置是占据空白页边以内的页面区域,还是填满整个页面了,参看源码提交 56d8007a (allotropia 的 Michael Stahl)
BackgroundFullSize 选项开或关时 Writer 中的不同页面显示效果


Calc 电子表格


  • Calc 现在会将自动筛选后被筛选行的行号标为蓝色,参看 tdf#89841 (NISZ 的 Tünde Tóth)
  • Calc 现在会将正在生效的自动筛选器的下拉箭头高亮显示,参看 tdf#140955 (NISZ 的 Tünde Tóth)
Calc 中被筛选行的蓝色行号,以及正在生效的自动筛选器的高亮下拉箭头
  • 自动筛选器的下拉按钮现在会随着工作表的缩放级别改变大小了,参看源码提交 008c2354 (Collabora 的 Szymon Kłos)



  • 当第二个参数为单元格范围时,CELL() 函数现在取用该范围左上角单元格进行计算,不再取用两范围的交集作为计算需要的单一值,尽管取用两范围交集为常用做法。此改动既适应与其他应用程序的兼容需要,也符合 ODF 开放公式 (OpenFormula) 标准规定的要求,参看 tdf#66409 (Red Hat 的 Eike Rathke)


  • 提高了粘贴包含 VLOOKUP() 函数的公式时的速度,参看 tdf#92456 (Collabora 的 Noel Grandin)

Impress 演示文稿和 Draw 绘图


  • 更新了默认安装的幻灯片模板,参看tdf#138097 (印度尼西亚 LibreOffice 团队和 TDF 的 Heiko Tietze):
    • 移除五个:茜素红、亮蓝、豪华红、印象和葱绿(在 4.4 版本中添加)
    • 新增五个:糖果、清新、优雅灰、无拘生长和 Yellow Idea
“Yellow Idea”模板
  • 现在可以在背景填充时,设置是占据空白页边以内的页面区域,还是填满整个页面了,参看源码提交 dda83832 (allotropia 的 Michael Stahl)
Impress 中显示新“背景填满页边”选项的对话框


  • 现在 Draw 中可以直接在状态栏处看到并设置文档的缩放系数了,参看 tdf#66470 (TDF 的 Heiko Tietze)


Base 数据库


  • 现在可以在数据序列标签上添加序列名称了,参看 tdf#94235 (allotropia 的 Samuel Mehrbrodt)
  • For "Moving average" trend line, the type can now be selected tdf#133423 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, allotropia)
    • Prior (default)
    • Central
    • Averaged Abscissa

Math 公式


  • 现在可以用 Alt+标注下划线的字母 这种快捷键在文档内部选择表单字段了,参看 tdf#139804 (allotropia 的 Samuel Mehrbrodt)
  • QR library was changed to zxing library. It will allow to create many types of 1D and 2D codes, like UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC/EAN Extension 2/5, Code 39, Code 93, COde 128, Codabar, ITF, QR Code, Data Matrix, Aztec, PDF 417, MaxiCode, RSS-14, RSS-Expanded tdf#139778 (Akshit Kushwaha)
  • SVM-Format was improved: When handling tdf#127471 I stumbled upon a never identified bug: When using ScaledText, the export to SVM is System-dependent due to the differing internal representation in the Font-MetafileAction. Thus, the SVM content differs if it was written on a Windows or non-Windows System, which leads to errors when exchanging SVM-based Metafiles between those systems (details in the task ([1]) ). Due to SVM being used partially as Metafile-Format in saved files (e.g. ODF variants), this was leading to 'strange' looking SWcaledText's. ScaledText is luckily not too often used, but e.g. heavily in Chart Labels which were most obviously hit by this. Since SVM is our own format, this could be enhanced by adding information to the SVM-Format in a backward compatible way. After the fix, all newly written SVM-Files can be exchanged now between LibreOffice Versions containing that fix without that error. For already existing files this is not always possible, see this Table ([2]) (2nd half) for details. (Armin Le Grand, allotropia)
  • EMF/WMF-Formats were improved: When handling tdf#127471 and correcting the SVM format (see above), I also found out that the same error is in the EMF/WMF files that we write. These formats are Windows-specific formats, what makes the versions written under Windows the valid ones. The definitions for EMF/WMF are not in our hands, so I had to fix that differently. A fix is not only important for flawless data exchange between LibreOffice Versions, but also with all kinds of Windows-Applications that use EMF/WMF as DataType. After the fix EMF/WMF is always produced in Windows-conform form for ScaledText. This leads to this working data exchange Table ([3]). (Armin Le Grand, allotropia)
  • Detect wrong written old EMF/WMF Files: To not have to accept old wrong written files, I added a kind of 'Old-Emf-Wmf-Format-Detector' that uses fuzzy evaluation and corrects old files when loaded in LibreOffice from now on. This makes the exchange between EMF/WMF written by old and new LibreOffice Versions complete: no old written files are lost or need to be reproduced. This is unfortunately not possible for other Windows-Applications, so these EMF/WMF files produced by older non-Windows LibreOffice Versions have - as a workaround - e.g. be loaded and rewritten by a LibreOffice Version containing these fixes. (Armin Le Grand, allotropia)

LibreOffice 帮助


对 DOCX 导入/导出筛选器的改进

  • DOCX: import discarded headers/footers. Before the inactive DOCX headers/footers lost during import time. Now it can be restored by disabling the options “Same content on left and right pages” and “Same content on first page” on the Header and the Footer panes of the Page style. This is for improving the interoperability with other Office programs, e.g. supporting DOCX text document templates better. tdf#141158 (Attila Bakos, NISZ)
  • DOCX: rtlGutter is supported now. tdf#140343 (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • DOCX: export NONE background for ParaBackColor. tdf#140336 (Justin Luth)
  • DOCX: fix lost tables in footnotes and endnotes by converting them to floating tables during the import, and removing floating at the DOCX export. tdf#95806, tdf#125877, tdf#141172 (László Németh, NISZ)
  • DOCX export: save header image once. Writer used to dump the same image file as many times as it was featured in different headers or footers in the document, bloating the .docx file size. tdf#118535 (Dániel Arató, NISZ)
  • DOCX table import: fix extra page break. tdf#140182 (Attila Szűcs, NISZ)
  • Improvements for better DOCX import/export. tdf#108518 (Justin Luth)
  • DOCX: fix handling for effect extent vs line width. tdf#138895 (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • DOCX export: put fly before fieldmark start into its own run. core commit 3eced2d5 (Michael Stahl, allotropia)
  • DOCX import: fix missing tblPrEx border of first table cells. Now property set of a new cell is a copy of the table exception property set of the table row, as needed for the import of the table style inheritance. tdf#140957 (László Németh, NISZ)
  • DOCX export: always write title page in section props. Even if page description is not set we should try to mark title page because chaining of two page styles can not work for continuous sections. tdf#124678 (Vasily Melenchuk, allotropia)
  • DOCX export: fix missing page break. When an empty paragraph has both page break and section break, only the section break was exported to DOCX, the page break was not, while MSO needs that to show all page breaks. tdf#121666 (Attila Szűcs, NISZ)
  • DOCX import: fix frame direction. Frames used to be imported with zero rotation even if a w:textDirection tag explicitly called for a non-default orientation. tdf#97128 (Dániel Arató, NISZ)
  • DOCX import: fix slow endnote import by parsing endnotes.xml only once instead of parsing again and again for every endnotes. This was a serious performance problem for documents with hundreds of endnotes, where the endnote import took minutes instead of seconds. tdf#76260, tdf#120351 (László Németh, NISZ)
  • DOCX: fix page margins imported as border padding. Trying to import non-existing "none" borders of w:pgBorders zeroed page margins, removing their values to border padding. tdf#74367 (Attila Szűcs, NISZ)
  • DOCX import: preserve formatting of CREATEDATE fields. The create date of a document doesn't really change, so we can only loose if the cached result of the field is not preserved. tdf#134592 (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
  • DOCX table import: fix zero para top margin when only w:beforeAutospacing=0 was specified, but not PARA_TOP_MARGIN (see default_spacing = -1 in processing of LN_CT_Spacing_beforeAutospacing). tdf#137655 (László Németh, NISZ)
  • DOCX: added import/export support for Hebrew/Arabic numbering Types tdf#141341 (Justin Luth)

对 XLSX 导入/导出筛选器的改进

  • XLSX import: set filtered flag for rows hidden by AutoFilter to support copying the result of filtering. Unlike ODS and XLS, XLSX doesn't differentiates filtered and manually hidden rows, and without this fix, copy of the unupdated data of the loaded filtering contained the hidden rows, too. tdf#99913 (Tünde Tóth, NISZ)
  • XLSX import: fix lost rounded filters if the stored filter values are in the visible cell format (e.g. rounded values) instead of the original (editing) values. Now AutoFilter popup window shows the items according to the visible cell format (e.g. 1.0 instead of 1.01 or 0.99), but still grouping them based on the "editing format" (e.g. not rounded values which visible during editing), i.e. there could be repeated values in the filtering conditions (e.g. two options "1.0" and "1.0" for 1.01 and 0.99). tdf#140968, tdf#140978 (Balazs Varga, NISZ)
  • XLSX import: fix missing datetime filters by convert string representation of the datetime data to ISO 8601 (with blank instead of T) datetime to eliminate locale dependent behaviour when filtering for datetimes. tdf#137626 (Balazs Varga, NISZ)
  • XLSX import: apply more than 8 filters in OOXML autofilter import by removing the artificial limit (which looked like the limit for conditions handled by the standard filter in LO, but not for the autofilter). Now the autofilter popup menu does not always select all items, if the document contained more than 8 selected items there. tdf#140469 (Balazs Varga, NISZ)
  • XLSX import: fix conditional formatting in same cell range. Multiple conditional formatting rules of the same cell range were imported incorrectly because of missing handling of their (different) priorities and operators. tdf#139928 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • XLSX export autofiltered date columns. Export XML_dateGroupItem, XML_year, XML_month, XML_day, XML_dateTimeGrouping based on the OOXML standard. tdf#139809 (Balazs Varga, NISZ)
  • XLSX export: fix proliferation of conditional styles. Run-time created styles “ExtConditionalStyle_N N” for extended conditional styles were written back to the XLSX file, growing the cell style list by each save-reload with unused styles. tdf#139167 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • XLSX import: fix autofiltered date columns by importing dateGroupItem. tdf#116818 (Balazs Varga, NISZ)
  • XLSX export: fix lost file names in modified links. tdf#138832 (Attila Szűcs, NISZ)
  • XLSX export: fix position of rotated images tdf#139258 (Szabolcs Toth, NISZ)
  • XLSX import: fix "Formula is" type conditional formatting rule when the formula contains a reference to another worksheet. {tdf|113013}} (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • XLSX export: remove extra quotation marks. tdf#139394 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • XLSX: fix "begins/ends with" conditional formatting when using "Given text" type and cell reference. tdf#120749 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • XLSX export: fix "contains" conditional formatting when using "Given text" type with cell reference instead of fixed string. Fix also "notContainsText", and prepare the fix for "beginsWith", "endsWith" and "expression" type conditions. tdf#139021 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)

对 PPTX 导入/导出筛选器的改进

  • PPTX import: fix WordArt effect textDeflate and textInflateTop. These effects were mapped incorrectly, resulting missing display and after ODP round-trip, changed effects. tdf#125560 (Gabor Kelemen, NISZ and Regina Henschel)
  • PPTX import: fix lost direct hyperlink colors. tdf#137367 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • PPTX table export: fix vertical alignment. tdf#131905 (Nagy Tibor, NISZ)
  • PPTX wordart 3D, add sp3d. tdf#140865 (Regina Henschel)

对 WMF/EMF 筛选器的改进

  • EMF PAINTRGN record is implemented and displayed correctly now tdf#55058 (Bartosz Kosiorek)

图形用户界面 (GUI)



  • 模板对话框现在有了列表视图,您可以将模板按照名称、类别、日期、模块、大小等依据排序。参看 tdf#104154 (Vert D.)

在线版本 (LibreOffice Online)





  • Pali Thai {pi-Thai} in the CTL language list. tdf#139607 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)
  • Cabécar {cjp-CR} and Bribri {bzd-CR}. tdf#138839 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)









  • 现在您可以在命令行转换文件格式时使用通配符了,参看 tdf#48413 (Deborah Barkley-Yeung)
例如,下面这行命令会将 C:\文档\输入\ 目录中的所有带 .doc 扩展名的文件都转换为 ODF 格式:
    soffice.exe --headless --convert-to odf --outdir C:\文档\输出 C:\文档\输入\*.doc
  • It was added a feature for default file format assotiation checking tdf#45735 (Matt K.)
A new dialog if some ODF file formats don't assotiate with LibreOffice


Java 支持

应用程序编程接口 (API) 的改动


  • 从 CDOTransferable 中移除了 XSystemTransferable 界面。本来就只在 Windows 平台上实现了该界面,而且实现还有错误导致它其实无法使用。参看源码提交 818a84c4 (Collabora 的 Mike Kaganski)
  • 插入的“零宽度不间断空格”(uno:InsertZWNBSP)被改名为“不间断无形连接符”(uno:InsertWJ),因为所插入的是 U+2060 字符。参看 tdf#140796 (Julien Nabet)


SDK 改动