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This page coordinates the development of the wiki menu and its localization.

Do not use OrigLang for new pages

We are currently transitioning to the MediaWiki Translate extension. Do not use the OrigLang type of translation for newly created pages.


The top menu was created because many users who come from the official websites ( or or from search engines can't find back to the official websites. It must always appear at the very top of the page because it is the only menu bar formatted with a top margin.

The main menu bar should appear on all international wiki pages, which are involved in the menu structure. It can be followed by other menu bars, especially {{OrigLang|}}-bar.

The second menu bar is for all international Wiki sites, which are involved in the sub menu. It can be followed by other menu bars, especially {{OrigLang|}}-bar. There should be some attention that the following menu bars have no top margin (except the {{OrigLang|}}-bar).

Top level


First level (main menu)


Second level (Sub Menus)

Menu Design


Menu Development


Menu Documentation


Menu Events


Menu Extensions


Menu Home


Menu LibreOffice-Box


Menu Localization


Menu Macros


Menu Magazine


Menu Marketing


Menu QA


Menu ReleaseNotes


Menu TDF


Menu Website


Third level (sub menu)

Menu FAQs


Menu Building


Menu ReleasePlan


Menu UndertheHood


Structure of the template

First there is the menu itself. The complete menu includes the following tags:

Menu items by using {{SubMenuEntry}} or {{SubMenuEntryAlternative}} (see documentation page)
Documentation of the template (e.g. Usage)
Categories (e.g. [[Category:Templates|Menubar]], see Category:Templates)

The reason is that for the Template-namespace the subside feature isn't enabled so you won't get the right links.



If you want to localize the menus there are two possibilities as described in Multilingual Wiki: If it is a "translated" menu like the main menu or the submenus above I would prefer to make them like subpages named by their language code (e.g. Template:Menu/de, Template:Menu.Design/de, Template:Menu/fr Template:Menu.Design/fr).

If it is a (sub)menu which has only local focus and is useful in its local language only and have a relevance to other languages, the menu should be like subpages of a page named by the language code in upper case (e.g. Template:DE/Menu.Schweiz, Template:DE/Menu.Österreich, Template:FR/Menu.Belgique, Template:FR/Menu.France). But this SHOULD be the exception.

How to create a localized menu?

If you want to localize an international (sub)menu you only have to open the international menu and click on the desired language code. If there is no localized menu you will be asked to edit it.

Now you can build the template like it is described in the next point (or copy it from the international (English) template and translate it).

How to get the menu to appear on a wiki page

It is easy to do: At the top of your page, type in the code which is described in the "Usage" or the wiki code listed at this page at the top of the example on this page.


Thanks to Christian K. who created the menus for the German Wiki on which these are based.