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. Here we collect material for schools .

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Information technology

Basic information technology education

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Extension "Hello World"

Create a Hello World LibreOffice extension

Learning LibreOffice Draw by Drawings

Learning important working techniques of vector graphics using LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a capable Vector Graphics Software.

If you want to do the first steps using typical working techniques simply use this Document and begin.



Coordinate systems

Draw Document template, blank, 5mm Grid side-filling, Din A4 portrait
Draw Document template, blank, 3D Coordinate systems, x-Axis forward

Tree diagrams

blank Tree diagrams, 5 levels, two alternatives each
blank Tree diagrams, 2 levels, three alternatives each


ODF custom shape Parabola

Using ODF Custom Shapes to Draw Parabolas

The document "Using ODF Custom Shapes to Draw Parabolas" contains some custom shapes of a parabola.
If you want to use one of the shapes, you can simply copy&paste it into your document.
For frequent use of the shapes in other documents, you should consider dragging them into your Gallery, so that you don’t need to open the document to get them.
The shapes are all created by directly editing the file source.
The document contains some explanations about that, but you can use the shapes without understanding the explanations or having any knowledge on how to create your own custom shape.
The last section in the document describes how to place a parabola shape numerically correctly in a coordinate-system.
That might be useful for you in any case.

ODF custom shape Parabola Segment

The document "Using ODF Custom Shapes to Draw Parabolas" contains only symmetric parabola segments. If a parabola is wide, the shape might become so wide that it does not fit into the content area of a Writer document or would need a position left from column A in Calc. Therefore I have created another custom shape, where you can determine the segment of the parabola, which you want to use in your coordinate system. The document "ODF Custom Shape Parabola Segment" contains the shape itself, an explanation how to use it and a description, how the shape was created.

Geometry - Surfaces

Surfaces with formulas
Ellipse ODG PDF
Circle ODG PDF
Parallelogram ODG PDF
Square ODG PDF
Rectangle ODG PDF
Right triangle - Pytagoras theorem ODG PDF
Trapezoid ODG PDF

Geometry - Bodies

Bodies with formulas
Sphere ODG PDF
Cuboid ODG PDF
Quadrilateral pyramid ODG PDF
Cylinder ODG PDF


Social studies

More help for schools

Informations for teachers and learner

Basic procedure of multilingual pages - multilingualism in the wiki

Wiki - help pages

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