LibreOffice 5.3: Cathetan Rilis

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    Ngenani Kaca iki

    This is an in-progress scratch-pad of notes to build release notes from as and when we release. Please do not list features that are to be shipped already in the 5.2 release! Please do not add wish-list features that you hope will be implemented, but only what actually is implemented already.

    What does a good feature look like here:

    • It has a short description, and a way for a busy reviewer to find and play with the feature. Target someone who is extremely busy, and knows little-to-nothing about the product. So if a user interface element is key to the feature, be very explicit about where it is, e.g. using a menu path that leads to it: Format ▸ Character ▸ Position [tab] ▸ ‘90 degrees’.
    • It credits the main authors who did the work (add them in parentheses after the feature description) and references the relevant Bugzilla ticket.
    • If the feature can be shown off with a sample file – particularly for new import-able features, it would be wonderful to have a link to a test file that we can use to show that feature off to best effect. That really helps us to make good screenshots to show off the features, and allows reviewers to do their testing.

    For more details, see the guidelines.

    Thanks in advance for your help filling this out!


    Nuju marang kācā Dialog

    • Writer has a new dialog for quickly jump to another page that is available through Edit ▸ Go to Page and Ctrl + G. tdf#83054 (Akshay Deep, Yousuf Philips)
    Go to Page Dialog

    Gagrag Tabel

    • Import and export of ODF table styles that can be created and assigned to tables in the Styles & Formatting sidebar deck. (see this blog entry). (Jakub Trzebiatowski, GSoC 2016; Miklos Vajna, Collabora; Jan Holešovský, Collabora; Yousuf Philips)
    New item "Table styles" in section "Styles & Formatting"

    Arrows Toolbox

    • New drawing tools were added (that were previously available only in Draw and Impress). tdf#101390 (Gülşah Köse)


    Arrows Toolbox

    • New drawing tools were added (that were previously available only in Draw and Impress). tdf#101390 (Gülşah Köse)

    Option settings

    • In new installations the default setting for new documents is now Enable wildcards in formulas instead of regular expressions. tdf#88581 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))
      • This is for better interoperability with other spreadsheet applications and a better experience for users who are not familiar with regular expressions. Wildcards are more widespread and the large set of regular expression metacharacters often makes queries too complicated for casual users.
      • See also ReleaseNotes 5.2 for wildcards.

    New spreadsheet functions

    Changed spreadsheet functions

    • The UI name of EFFECTIVE was changed to EFFECT to be the same as in other spreadsheet applications. tdf#100641 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

    Compatibility with ODF 1.2


    Releases prior to 5.1 saved WEEKNUM wrongly as ISOWEEKNUM to ODF. Release 5.3 resolves the interim solution introduced with release 5.1 (see ReleaseNotes/5.1#Compatibility_with_ODF_1.2). (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

    • When importing ISOWEEKNUM, if the call uses one parameter it is kept as the correct ISOWEEKNUM.
    • If the call uses two parameters it is determined if the second argument mode is a literal numeric value unequal to 1 in which case it is mapped to ISOWEEKNUM with one argument, as the old WEEKNUM function implemented exactly that for those modes.
    • If the second argument is something different, i.e. a numeric value 1 or an expression, the call is mapped to the WEEKNUM_OOO compatibility function introduced in LibreOffice 5.1.
      • WEEKNUM_OOO is now saved as ORG.LIBREOFFICE.WEEKNUM_OOO which releases 5.1 and 5.2 can read.

    Number Format

    • Fraction Number Formats (Laurent BP)
      • any of #, ? or 0 can be used for any of integer, numerator or denominator format string.
    For instance # ?/#00 will display 3.5 as 3 1/02 and PI as 3 16/113 tdf#100755 tdf#31449
    • any string can be used as delimiter between integer and fraction:
    #" plus fraction "?/? will display PI value as 3 plus fraction 1/7 tdf#100834
    • more accurate representation of fraction with a new algorithm tdf#99996 (Wolfgang Jäger)
    • new default formats with forced denominator tdf#100592
    • format options available through UI dialog Format ▸ Cells ▸ Numbers and Sidebar
    New options for fraction in UI dialog and Sidebar


    • Merge non empty cells Format ▸ Merge cells ▸ Merge cells brings a new option: tdf#30456 (Laurent BP)
      • before LibO 5.3, if content was detected, it was possible to move it as text in first cell. If not content was just hidden but not removed.
    Previous dialog when merging non empty cells
    • from LibO 5.3, a new option is available: empty hidden cell so that formulas refering to these cells will be updated.
    New dialog options when merging non empty cells


    • Images inserted via Insert ▸ Media ▸ Photo Album can now be linked instead of embedded in the document. tdf#65356 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)
    • Two new default templates: Vivid and Pencil
    • Slide properties content panel in sidebar for master slide mode. tdf#89466 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    • The Standard (Single Mode) toolbar was added to provide a single toolbar alternative to the default double toolbar arrangement and it contains the most used function, insert, and formatting operations. It can be activated by enabling with View ▸ Toolbar Modes ▸ Single. tdf#92218 (Yousuf Philips)
    New Standard (Single Mode) toolbar in Impress 5.3



    • Firebird has been upgraded to version 3.0.0. It is unable to read back Firebird 2.5 data, so embedded firebird odb files created in LibreOffice version up to 5.2 cannot be opened with LibreOffice 5.3. Since a future version of firebird will have a backwards compatibility module, some future version of LibreOffice (embedding this future version of firebird) will also be able to open these older files.
    • Embedded firebird switched to Firebird's "archive" format, which is version and endianness independent, so this issue won't happen again.
    • ODB files created by LibreOffice < 5.3 can be manually converted to LibreOffice 5.3 format by using Firebird 2.5 to convert the data to archive format, and replacing the database data within the ODB by the archive format version. To do this, install a stand-alone Firebird 2.5, and use its "gbak" tool to convert the file "database.fdb" to "database.fbk" within the odb file. Don't forget to remove the .fdb file.


    • Trend line (regression) equation:
      • Y name (default "f(x)") and X name (default "x") can be replaced by names defined by user tdf#100547 (Laurent BP)
    Customize X and Y names of trend line equation


    Core / General


    Help Contents




    • ...

    Programmation & Support

    Code Rebuild


    Improvements in OpenXML filter

    • Changes in import/export into .xlsx or .xls:
      • Fix for looses width for hidden/collapsed grouped columns after export to .xlsx or .xls tdf#51524 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Landscape orientation are now properly saved after export to .xlsx (MS Excel compatible) tdf#48767 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Hidden and empty rows became hidden when export to .XLSX or .XLS file tdf#98106 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Outline columns and rows are saved correctly after export to XLSX tdf#100347 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • During .xlsx export, XML_outlineLevelRow, XML_outlineLevelCol keys are now saved (Office365 compatible) tdf#101135 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix column width on MS Excel for macOS, after export to XLSX and XLS tdf#100946 (Bartosz Kosiorek; Markus Mohrhard)
      • Fix precision of column width according to MS specification tdf#101363 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix for User Defined Custom Formatting which was not applied during importing XLSX documents tdf#70565 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Number formats:
        • preserve escape characters tdf#81939 (Laurent BP)
        • fraction format accepts '0' in addition to '#' and '?' tdf#100755 (Laurent BP)


    • Keyboard shortcuts now appear in context menus and its visibility can be set in Tools ▸ Options ▸ View ▸ Menu). tdf#74377 (Maxim Monastirsky)
    Shortcuts in context menu. Left - disable, right - enable

    Area Dialog

    • Redesign of the Colors, Gradients, Hatching and Bitmap tabs and the addition of a Pattern tab. tdf#94551 (Rishabh Kumar, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Heiko Tietze; Yousuf Philips)
    Colors tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    Gradients tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    Hatching tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    Bitmaps tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    New Patterns tab.
    • Default set of patterns. tdf#94547 (Yousuf Philips)


    • Four toolbar modes have been added to make it easy for users to switch the visible toolbars, which can be done in View ▸ Toolbar Layout. tdf#101249 (Szymon Kłos, GSoC 2016; Yousuf Philips)
    • Implementation of the Extended Toolbar framework (Szymon Kłos, GSoC 2016; Jan Holešovský, Collabora; Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    • Implementation of 3 layouts in the Extended Toolbar (Szymon Kłos, GSoC 2016; Yousuf Philips; Heiko Tietze)


    • Introduction of the Page Deck in the sidebar in Writer, housing four panels - Page Format Panel, Styles Panel, Header Panel and Footer Panel (see this blog entry) tdf#83830 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Writer Page Deck
    • Added "Import Bitmap" functionality to the Area Content Panel found in the Properties deck. tdf#90078 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Import Bitmap Button in Area Content Panel
    • Added Styles Preview checkbox functionality to the Styles & Formatting Sidebar Deck. tdf#93845 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Import Bitmap Button in Area Content Panel
    • Introduction of the new "Media Playback Panel" found in Properties deck when Media is selected (see this blog entry). tdf#87794 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Media Playback Panel
    • Introduction of the "Default Shapes Panel" in the new Shapes Deck (currently experimental) for Draw (see this blog entry). tdf#87643 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Default Shapes Panel in new Shapes Deck

    Start Center



    • New entry Help ▸ Get Help Online.... Direct link to community-supported forum and knowledge base (Olivier Hallot, Christian Lohmaier, Heiko Tietze, Yousuf Philips)
    Link to community-supported forums


    Basic Editor



    • The accent mark in Calc function names in the Spanish language (e.g. DÍA(), MÁX()) has been removed in version 5.2.3, as alignment to other spreadsheet implementations tdf#101981 (Adolfo Jayme Barrientos, Johnny_M)

    New languages/locales with locale data

    Available as default document language and for locale specific formatting.

    Additional languages in the language list

    Available for text attribution.

    Incorporation of other languages

    Our goal is to support as many languages as possible. We would like to thank the following people for voluntary translation into LibreOffice and helps in preserving their native languages:

    Improvements to proofing tools and language support

    Note pin.svg

    If you speak an endangered language and wants to help us to achieve our goal of providing free tools for every single person on the Earth, please join us.


    Feature removal / deprecation



    API changes

    UNO API changes

    SDK changes

    • The various GCC-based platforms no longer define a HAVE_GCC_VISIBILITY_FEATURE C/C++ macro in settings/ (but still set the -fvisibility=hidden compiler flag) f255c3e96e25a43a4724d80287554d892d7ffd70