LibreOffice 5.3: Release Notes

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    This is the page with our lançamento 5.3 release notes. It should be final now that the lançamento 5.3 version itself has been released. However, if you spot any missing or incorrect information, then please let us know. Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Ir para a janela da Página

    • Writer has a new dialog for quickly jumping to another page that is available through Edit ▸ Go to Page and Ctrl + G. tdf#83054 (Akshay Deep, Yousuf Philips)
    Go to Page Dialog

    Estilos de Tabela

    Table styles were implemented in Writer:

    • The "Table Autoformat" feature was extended from one-time formatting only to a full-featured table style: now when the table uses a table style, the style is preserved with edits in the table, including adding and deleting rows / columns / data.
    • Import and export of ODF table styles.
    • Table styles can be created and assigned to tables in the Styles & Formatting sidebar deck.
    • UNO API for working with table styles.
    • Undo and Redo support for table styles.

    For detailed code changes, see this blog entry. (Jakub Trzebiatowski, GSoC 2016; Miklos Vajna, Collabora; Jan Holešovský, Collabora; Yousuf Philips)

    New item "Table styles" in section "Styles & Formatting"

    Caixa de Ferramenta de Setas

    • New drawing tools were added (that were previously available only in Draw and Impress). tdf#101390 (Gülşah Köse)

    Melhoramentos na barra de ferramentas

    • It's now possible to set the small capitals character property via a toolbar button. blog entry. (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)

    Borderless padding is displayed

    • Spacing to contents for pages/paragraphs/characters/headers/frames/images will now affect layout even if borders are not defined, allowing for compatibilty with other ODF-producing software. (Justin Luth, SIL)
    • The ability to define borderless padding will come in version 5.4. tdf#41542


    • Now it's possible to select multiple headings simultaneously and promote or demote their levels in the Navigator window in Writer. To do this, you need to toggle "Content Navigation View", and use the SHIFT or CTRL key for multiple selection. (Michael Stahl) tdf#54834


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    Caixa de Ferramenta de Setas

    • New drawing tools were added (that were previously available only in Draw and Impress). tdf#101390 (Gülşah Köse)

    Opção das definições

    • In new installations the default setting for new documents is now Enable wildcards in formulas instead of regular expressions. tdf#88581 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))
      • This is for better interoperability with other spreadsheet applications and a better experience for users who are not familiar with regular expressions. Wildcards are more widespread and the large set of regular expression metacharacters often makes queries too complicated for casual users.
      • See also ReleaseNotes 5.2 for wildcards.

    Funções da nova folha de cálculo

    Funções da folha de cálculo alteradas

    • The UI name of EFFECTIVE was changed to EFFECT to be the same as in other spreadsheet applications. tdf#100641 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

    Compatibilidade com 1.2


    Releases prior to 5.1 saved WEEKNUM wrongly as ISOWEEKNUM to ODF. Release 5.3 resolves the interim solution introduced with release 5.1 (see ReleaseNotes/5.1#Compatibility_with_ODF_1.2). (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

    • When importing ISOWEEKNUM, if the call uses one parameter it is kept as the correct ISOWEEKNUM.
    • If the call uses two parameters it is determined if the second argument mode is a literal numeric value unequal to 1 in which case it is mapped to ISOWEEKNUM with one argument, as the old WEEKNUM function implemented exactly that for those modes.
    • If the second argument is something different, i.e. a numeric value 1 or an expression, the call is mapped to the WEEKNUM_OOO compatibility function introduced in LibreOffice 5.1.
      • WEEKNUM_OOO is now saved as ORG.LIBREOFFICE.WEEKNUM_OOO which releases 5.1 and 5.2 can read.

    Formato de Número

    • Fraction Number Formats (Laurent BP)
      • any of #, ? or 0 can be used for any of integer, numerator or denominator format string.
    For instance # ?/#00 will display 3.5 as 3 1/02 and PI as 3 16/113 tdf#100755 tdf#31449
    • any string can be used as delimiter between integer and fraction:
    #" plus fraction "?/? will display PI value as 3 plus fraction 1/7 tdf#100834
    • more accurate representation of fraction with a new algorithm tdf#99996 (Wolfgang Jäger)
    • new default formats with forced denominator tdf#100592
    • if denominator has less digits than places, it is now left aligned tdf#102507: with format # ?/??? value 3.5 is displayed as
    3 1/2 (with two spaces after fraction), instead of
    3 1/ 2 (old behavior)
    • format options available through UI dialog Format ▸ Cells ▸ Numbers and Sidebar
    New options for fraction in UI dialog and Sidebar

    Estilos de Célula Predefinidos

    • Default cell styles are loaded from a file in the user profile (Jaskaran Singh (GSoC))
      • Syntax is based on ODF and loaded through orcus
      • Defining own default cell styles is now easy
    • New and improved default cell styles, tdf#90937 (UX team, Jaskaran Singh)

    Tabelas Pivot

    • Median is added to functions available in pivot tables, useful for data fields and for row/column fields (subtotals) tdf#61700 (Tamás Zolnai)
      • Only ODS file format is supported to save/load such pivot tables.
    Using median in a pivot table.


    • Merge non empty cells Format ▸ Merge cells ▸ Merge cells brings a new option: tdf#30456 (Laurent BP)
      • before LibO 5.3, if content was detected, it was possible to move it as text into the first cell. If not content was just hidden but not removed.
    Previous dialog when merging non empty cells
    • from LibO 5.3, a new option is available: empty hidden cell so that formulas refering to these cells will be updated.
    New dialog options when merging non empty cells
    • Functions ( Insert ▸ Function ) can now be searched from the available list tdf#67974.
    Type in the marked area to search in available list of functions.


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    • Images inserted via Insert ▸ Media ▸ Photo Album can now be linked instead of embedded in the document. tdf#65356 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)
    • Slide properties content panel in sidebar for master slide mode. tdf#89466 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)

    Seletor de Modelo

    When launching Impress, a Template Selector allows you to choose a Template to start with (Akshay Deep, GSoC; Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)

    Template Selector


    • Two new default templates: Vivid and Pencil:
    Vivid template
    Pencil template


    • New arrow endings, including Crow's foot notation's ones. Also availible in other apps. (Yan Pashkovsky, Dipankar Niranjan) tdf#93782 tdf#92152
    New arrow endings


    • Firebird has been upgraded to version 3.0.0. It is unable to read back Firebird 2.5 data, so embedded firebird odb files created in LibreOffice version up to 5.2 cannot be opened with LibreOffice 5.3. Since a future version of firebird will have a backwards compatibility module, some future version of LibreOffice (embedding this future version of firebird) will also be able to open these older files.
    • Embedded firebird switched to Firebird's "archive" format, which is version and endianness independent, so this issue won't happen again.
    • ODB files created by LibreOffice < 5.3 can be manually converted to LibreOffice 5.3 format by using Firebird 2.5 to convert the data to archive format, and replacing the database data within the ODB by the archive format version. To do this, install a stand-alone Firebird 2.5, and use its "gbak" tool to convert the file "database.fdb" to "database.fbk" within the odb file. Don't forget to remove the .fdb file.


    • Trend line (regression) equation:
      • Y name (default "f(x)") and X name (default "x") can be replaced by names defined by the user tdf#100547 (Laurent BP)
    Customize X and Y names of trend line equation


    • Dynamically-sized integral intd now allows sub/superscripts. (Takeshi Abe) tdf#53472 tdf#102268
    • New command "Evaluated At" in "Brackets" section of Elements window has been added. (Takeshi Abe) tdf#44839
    • Improved MathML import (Takeshi Abe)
    • Improved MathML export (Takeshi Abe)
      • Export dynamically-sized integral intd to MathML tdf#97049
      • Export Greek symbols to MathML with correct mathvariant attribute tdf#101022

    Core / Geral

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    • Closing LibreOffice will no longer kill active UNO connections (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB). tdf#102274

    Disposição do Texto

    • A new cross-platform text layout engine that uses HarfBuzz for consistent text layout on all platforms (Akash Jain, GSoC 2016; Khaled Hosny) tdf#89870
      • OpenType layout is now supported on all platforms, and default OpenType features are enabled for all languages.
      • Graphite layout is now supported on macOS as well, not only Linux and Windows.
      • OpenType layout features can be controlled using the syntax previously only supported for Graphite fonts.
      • Improved Kashida justification for Arabic script.
      • Improved vertical text layout for CJK scripts to use HarfBuzz instead of the home grown solution(s).
      • All text layout now goes through HarfBuzz, there is no longer any distinction between so-called simple and complex scripts.
      • Many Windows-only and macOS-only text layout bugs have been fixed.
    The Graphite font Awami Nastaliq used on macOS with the new layout engine
    STIX Two Text font showing small caps, proportional numbers, and fractions activated
    • Improved and consistent calculation of inter-line spacing across platforms (Khaled Hosny) tdf#55469
    • Enable vertical “left to right” block direction, needed for traditional Mongolian and Manchu (Khaled Hosny) tdf#33278
    New vertical left-to-right option for text direction
    Vertical left-to-right text layout used for traditional Mongolian

    Alteração das paletas de cor

    see this blog entry

    • Fix recent colors
    • The custom palette is newly added, which allows colors to be added directly in the area style dialog
    • Custom palette makes the manipulation of factory settings via Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Colors obsolete ‒ and hence we deleted this option
    • The palettes gallery, web, cmyk, and scribus were removed because of the non-standard and rather arbitrary collections with inappropriate names
    • Tango and html palettes received minor updates for labels and arrangement of colors
    • The standard palette was also refreshed. The first row now starts with 12 shades of gray followed by 12 basic colors from the HSV color wheel. The next rows are variations of these basic colors in respect to saturation and luminance by 66%, 50%, and 25%. The final 12×8 arrangement fits perfectly into our color picker grid
    • The palette breeze has been added to the default set. It comprises all values known from the KDE human interface guidelines as an alternative to tango
    • Completely new is the tonal palette. It aims to provide a set of colors with the same luminance respective color contrast
    • The palette freecolour-hlc based on the CIE LAB color model has been added. Its purpose is to provide a cross-media safe set of colors targeting expert publishers

    Assinatura de documento

    • The bundled libxmlsec library has been upgraded to 1.2.23, including our "OOXML Relationships Transform Algorithm" implementation upstream. blog entry (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
    • Added support for PDF signature import/export. blog entry. (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
    A verified PDF signature.

    Modo de Segurança

    A safe mode has been added which starts LibreOffice temporarily with a fresh user profile and helps to restore a broken configuration. (Armin Le Grand, CIB; Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)

    It can be started with one of the following methods:

    • Using the menu: Help ▸ Restart in Safe Mode...
    • Using the --safe-mode command line option
    • On Windows: Using the start menu entry LibreOffice (Safe Mode)
    Safe Mode dialog

    Conteúdos de Ajuda

    • The help text will now be rendered in the default platform font if possible (i.e., Segoe UI under Windows, Ubuntu under Ubuntu and Cantarell under Fedora), for greater consistency. (Adolfo Jayme Barrientos)

    Office URI Schemes support

    • Libreoffice now supports the following registered Office URI Schemes (Mike Kaganski, Collabora) (commit 1 commit 2):
      • ms-word:
      • ms-powerpoint:
      • ms-excel:
      • ms-visio:
      • ms-access:
    • Also, a new custom Libreoffice-specific scheme is introduced:
      • vnd.libreoffice.command:
    • Currently, the default save folder parameter is ignored.
    • The schemes handler is registered in the OS by the installer under Windows. MS-specific schemes are only registered if Open MS files with Libreoffice checkboxes are checked (commit)
    • This allows, e.g., for better integration with SharePoint.


    Improvements in OpenXML filter

    • Changes in import/export into .xlsx or .xls:
      • Fix for loss of width for hidden/collapsed grouped columns after export to .xlsx or .xls tdf#51524 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Landscape orientation is now properly saved after export to .xlsx (MS Excel compatible) tdf#48767 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Hidden and empty rows became hidden when exported to .XLSX or .XLS file tdf#98106 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Outline columns and rows are saved correctly after export to XLSX tdf#100347 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • During .xlsx export, XML_outlineLevelRow, XML_outlineLevelCol keys are now saved (Office365 compatible) tdf#101135 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix column width on MS Excel for macOS, after export to XLSX and XLS tdf#100946 (Bartosz Kosiorek; Markus Mohrhard)
      • Fix precision of column width according to MS specification tdf#101363 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix for User Defined Custom Formatting which was not applied during importing XLSX documents tdf#70565 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix exporting of coloured empty cells to .xlsx and .xls documents tdf#46738 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix compatibility issue with Excel 2007 after export to .xlsx tdf#101059 (Bartosz Kosiorek)
      • Fix slow import of grouped pivot tables in .xlsx tdf#102694 (Tamás Zolnai)
      • Number formats:
        • preserve escape characters tdf#81939 (Laurent BP)
        • fraction format accepts '0' in addition to '#' and '?' tdf#100755 (Laurent BP)
        • extended LCID can be imported. Extended LCID is used to export calendar and local numerals tdf#36038 (Laurent BP)

    Improvements in the PDF filter

    • PDF can be now inserted as an image into documents. blog entry. (Miklos Vajna, Collabora)

    Improvements in the Binary Microsoft Office filters

    • Changes in import from .doc and .xls
      • The contemporary Microsoft Office default Binary Document encryption "RC4 CryptoAPI Encryption" is now supported (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc.)

    New Import filters

    • StarOffice binary files (.sdc, .sda and .sdw) can again be imported, via libstaroffice (Laurent Alonso)
      • This filter is written from scratch and it is at an early development stage. So it should be able to convert simple files but it could (and probably will) fail badly on more complex ones.
    • Zoner Callisto/Draw files (version 4-5) can now be imported, via libzmf (Aleksas Pantechovskis, David Tardon)


    • Keyboard shortcuts now appear in context menus and its visibility can be set in Tools ▸ Options ▸ View ▸ Menu. tdf#74377 (Maxim Monastirsky)
    Shortcuts in context menu. Left - disable, right - enable
    • Document recovery dialog has been simplified; it looks better and less complicated now. tdf#99341 (Muhammet Kara, Pardus)
    Document recovery dialog. Left - start, center - in progress, right - finished)
    • Revamped the Extension Manager dialog; replaced the custom-implemented error-prone buttons and behaviours with compatible standard widgets and behaviours, and fixed various bugs in the process. The Extension Manager now provides a better user experience and accessibility. tdf#103146 tdf#102004 (Muhammet Kara, Pardus; Yousuf Philips)
    The revamped Extension Manager Dialog


    • Support for 32px icons (extra large) for the toolbar. Currently only Breeze icons have 32px icon variants available. (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora)
    • Support for SVG icons, however because of some minor issues and there is no icon theme bundled with LibreOffice that contains SVG icons, this is considered experimental. (Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora)

    Janela da Área

    • Redesign of the Colors, Gradients, Hatching and Bitmap tabs and the addition of a Pattern tab. tdf#94551 (Rishabh Kumar, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Heiko Tietze; Yousuf Philips)
    Colors tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    Gradients tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    Hatching tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    Bitmaps tab. Left - 5.1, right - 5.3
    New Patterns tab.
    • Default set of patterns. tdf#94547 (Yousuf Philips)

    Barras de Ferramenta

    • "Open Template" has been added to the "Open" dropdown (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB) eb4ad667b

    Barra Lateral

    • Introduction of the Page Deck in the sidebar in Writer, housing four panels - Page Format Panel, Styles Panel, Header Panel and Footer Panel (see this blog entry) tdf#83830 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Writer Page Deck
    • Added "Import Bitmap" functionality to the Area Content Panel found in the Properties deck. tdf#90078 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Import Bitmap Button in Area Content Panel
    • Added Styles Preview checkbox functionality to the Styles & Formatting Sidebar Deck. tdf#93845 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Styles and Formatting Preview Checkbox
    • Introduction of the new "Media Playback Panel" found in Properties deck when Media is selected (see this blog entry). tdf#87794 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Media Playback Panel

    Start Center



    • New entry Help ▸ User Guides.... Direct link to user guides and collateral documentation (Olivier Hallot, Christian Lohmaier, Heiko Tietze, Yousuf Philips, Samuel Mehrbrodt,Katarina Behrens )
    • New entry Help ▸ Get Help Online.... Direct link to community-supported forums and knowledge base (Olivier Hallot, Christian Lohmaier, Heiko Tietze, Yousuf Philips)
    Link to community supported forums and user guides


    • Theme Selection dialog has been fixed, and the search box and the category buttons are properly working once again. You can now colorize your LibreOffice environment to your liking by following the Tools ▸ Options... ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Personalization ▸ Select Theme path. tdf#87597 ecc43f06a94587e8808c7edf73eae23e5243dc85 (Muhammet Kara, Pardus)
    Firefox theme selection dialog
    • Customization dialog is more accessible, and user friendly since it now shows the options which were hidden with the split buttons previously. tdf#82840 tdf#103160 (Muhammet Kara, Pardus; Yousuf Philips)
    Menus and Toolbar Tabs of the Customization Dialog

    Editor Básico

    • The BASIC IDE will now use the colors you set for “Font color” and “Document background” in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Application Colors. tdf#103209 (Takeshi Abe)


    • Everyone can now improve accessibility as almost all a11y relations are now easily editable with Glade. tdf#87026 (Muhammet Kara, Pardus)


    This release features the first source release of LibreOffice Online - which provides basic collaborative editing of documents in a browser by re-using the LibreOffice core. Rendering fidelity should be excellent, and interoperability match that of LibreOffice. This is however, fundamentally a server service, best installed and configured by someone au-fait with SSL certificate creation, and is most useful when integrated with another solution.

    Public LibreOffice Online Docker image

    You can grab the latest docker image from Docker Hub here:

    Or grab it like this:

    $ docker pull libreoffice/online:master
    $ docker run -t -d -p -e "domain=<your-dot-escaped-domain>" --cap-add MKNOD libreoffice/online:master

    Problemas conhecidos

    This docker image does not work on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, because Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has missing kernel compile option CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR=y, which is leading to setcap not working on docker’s aufs storage. Upstream bug:


    • Many updates and improvements in contents (Gabor Kelemen, Olivier Hallot, Lera Goncharuk, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos, Jean Spiteri, Andras Timar)


    • The accent mark in Calc function names in the Spanish language (e.g. DÍA(), MÁX()) has been removed in version 5.2.3, as alignment to other spreadsheet implementations tdf#101981 (Adolfo Jayme Barrientos, Johnny_M)
    • Added russian name for some Calc functions (bormant)

    Novos idiomas/locais com dados locais

    Available as default document language and for locale specific formatting.

    Idiomas adicionais na lista de idiomas

    Available for text attribution.

    • Silesian [szl-PL], tdf#101540 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))
    • Hungarian Rovas [hu-Hung-HU], tdf#97406 (Eike Rathke (Red Hat, Inc.))

    Incorporação de outros idiomas

    Our goal is to support as many languages as possible. We would like to thank the following people for voluntary translation into LibreOffice and helps in preserving their native languages:

    Melhoramentos nas ferramentas de revisão e suporte de idioma

    • European Portuguese language auto-correction files were synchronized with Brazilian Portuguese files tdf#97439 (Tiago Santos)
      • adds 1936 automatic replacement entries, 11 new two caps word exceptions and 1726 new abbreviations.
    • Croatian sentence exception list updated: added 66 new abbreviations.
    • Proofing tools for German language (de-AT, de-CH, de-DE) have been largely improved (tdf#105396):
      • The spell-check dictionary now contains over 258,000 words. This new version adds over 7,300 new words.
      • The hyphenation patterns have been improved. The new version includes 700 corrected and new hyphenation patterns. Hyphenation uses the new COMPOUND feature and contains a list with over 69,000 words and compounds.
      • The thesaurus now contains over 146,000 words in over 37,000 meaning groups. The new version adds ~11,000 new words. The thesaurus now includes 11,400 associations and 1,900 antonyms.

    Note pin.svg

    If you speak an endangered language and want to help us to achieve our goal of providing free tools for every single person on the Earth, please join us.

    Scripting: Python and Basic

    Access2Base atualizada

    Access2Base, the Basic library for Base users, is now available in its version 1.6.0 (Jean-Pierre Ledure).

    The main improvements are related to the management of (long) binary fields with the GetChunk and AppendChunk methods. Also the scope of the CopyObject method has been extended to the duplication of complete tables between distinct databases. As an experimental feature, the tables might belong to databases built above distinct database systems (f.i. from HSQLDB to MySql or the opposite). Additionally a spanish translation of the UI has been provided by Iñigo Zuluaga. Full documentation is available on the documentation website.

    Tipos de Letra

    Integração do SO


    • Windows installer (MSI) now supports Restart Manager feature available on Windows Vista and newer (commit) (Mike Kaganski, Collabora). This allows to automatically close and restart processes locking files that the installer needs to replace. Previously, only a list of these processes was shown, and the user needed to close/reopen them manually. Without closing/reopening, a system restart after installation is required.

    Funcioanlidades experimentais

    These features are not finalized, yet can be tried by early adopters. They can be enabled in Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ Advanced ▸ Enable experimental features.

    Barras de Ferramentas

    • Four toolbar modes have been added to make it easy for users to switch the visible toolbars, which can be done in View ▸ Toolbar Layout. tdf#101249 (Szymon Kłos, GSoC 2016; Yousuf Philips)
    • Implementation of the Extended Toolbar framework (see this blog entry) (Szymon Kłos, GSoC 2016; Jan Holešovský, Collabora; Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    • Implementation of 3 layouts in the Extended Toolbar (Szymon Kłos, GSoC 2016; Yousuf Philips; Heiko Tietze)
    • In Impress, the Standard (Single Mode) toolbar was added to provide a single toolbar alternative to the default double toolbar arrangement and it contains the most used function, insert, and formatting operations. It can be activated by enabling with View ▸ Toolbar Modes ▸ Single. tdf#92218 (Yousuf Philips)
    New Standard (Single Mode) toolbar in Impress 5.3

    Barra Lateral

    • In Writer, the section Manage changes was added on the Sidebar
    New section Manage changes on Sidebar
    • Introduction of the "Default Shapes Panel" in the new Shapes Deck (currently experimental) for Draw (see this blog entry). tdf#87643 (Susobhan Ghosh, GSoC 2016; Katarina Behrens, CIB; Yousuf Philips)
    Default Shapes Panel in new Shapes Deck


    • A toolbar control to insert Emojis has been added tdf#100100 (Akshay Deep, GSoC; Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)

    Emoji dialog

    Funcionalidade remoção / desaprovação


    • The 'Human' icon theme has been removed (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB) d1f4b84fa
    • Support for bitmap-only fonts on Windows has been removed (Khaled Hosny) tdf#103514
    • Support for Type 1 fonts has been removed (Khaled Hosny) 48304cb5b4d8df71463837e2e48aa7c4d9594df9
    • ActiveX support is considered deprecated and may be removed in the future. If this change negatively affects your Windows application please email the LibreOffice development list with your use case and plan for moving off of ActiveX. We specifically want feedback if you use ActiveX to embed LibreOffice components into your application.


    • The File ▸ Wizards ▸ Presentation wizard has been removed. Instead a new template selection dialog is available when launching Impress (see #Template_Selector). (Akshay Deep) bb8040595c9b6f0ccde39e6833f27a50abb891d8
    • The simple gradient templates AbstractGreen, AbstractRed and AbstractYellow have been removed (Yousuf Philips)

    Under the Hood

    See what changed under the hood.

    API changes

    Removed configuration options

    • The /org.openoffice.Office/Substitution configuration schema is removed, and the service no longer supports substitutions defined via the /org.openoffice.Office/Substitution/SharePoints configuration set tdf#102630
    • The /org.openoffice.Office/Common/View/Localisation/AutoMnemonic configuration schema is removed a97d67cd0bf0819d4559fa79d5fcbcd86222fe6a
    • The /org.openoffice.Office/Common/View/Localisation/DialogScale configuration schema is removed 4bc99ab1ac4bed1df66d1df8b1ca3168e7e3d8f4
    • The /org.openoffice.Office/Common/View/FontScaling configuration schema is removed ec950f8ebb2745ccff2275dcc09d2034cd73dfeb
    • The /org.openoffice.Office/Common/FirstStartWizard configuration schema is removed


    UNO API changes

    Java UNO language binding

    • Removal of some deprecated interfaces 970b0ebb67d4033d70795e586a26c7a695c14194

    SDK changes

    • The various GCC-based platforms no longer define a HAVE_GCC_VISIBILITY_FEATURE C/C++ macro in settings/ (but still set the -fvisibility=hidden compiler flag) f255c3e96e25a43a4724d80287554d892d7ffd70