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Punjabi (Gurmukhi) (pa)

Team: Punjabi Open Source Team

Mailing List: Punjabi-Users

Steps to join Punjabi Localization Community

1. Any new contributor wanted to join Punjabi Localization, should join mailing list Punjabi-Users

2. Introduce himself/herself on the mailing list, explaining why s/he wants to contribute

3. Punjabi language community would assess his/her translation skills and accordingly decide the further plan e.g. if the person is really good with language, s/he would just need mentoring in terms of tools/process if the person is really good with technical skills, s/he would just need mentoring in terms of translations

4. We also divide work according to the load we have, say somebody works on Libreoffice, somebody on documentation, firefox and so on.

5. Every contributor discuss with other members on the Punjabi-Users list about the problems s/he face

Team members

Name Email Role Pootle Access?
Aman Alam apreet DOT alam AT gmail DOT com coordinate/Admin yes
iPunj localizer yes
hsinghra localizer yes


Task List and Wish List for LibO documentation. To be expanded as our docs develop.