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    Meeting of the QA Team

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    Date and Time (UTC) 2014-08-13 17:30 UTC
    G+ Hangout
    Chair Robinson Tryon
    Secretary Robinson Tryon





    Robinson, Joel

    Talkyoo Room Number 537138


    Agenda + Minutes


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    Before we Start

    A few minutes before we officially start the call, we'll try to have a few people on hand to help assist newbies set up their teleconferencing gear, get things muted, and log on to all of our communication channels:


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    IRC Minutes

    (Meeting will be in Talkyoo)

    The State of QA

    Including any Opening Discussion

    • xx- Bugzilla migration
      • Updates...
      • Re: need to reset passwords
        • Email notification ahead of migration
        • Tweak the change-password page and the front page to indicate that people will need to reset their passwords
        • Create an 'About our new Bugzilla' video as a part of our 'Intro to QA' series
    • Bugzilla:
      • SUGGESTION: Use to host Bugzilla
      • We can have both LibreOffice and some of the Document Liberation Project libraries all exist as top-level products in the bugtracker
    • QUESTION: Should we refocus ourselves as the TDF QA Team (to cover LibreOffice, DLP, etc.. ?)
    • ACTION: Send thank-yous to Xamarin and Michael's brother (Joel)

    (waiting for more people to join)

    • New QA call time?
      • ACTION: Robinson will get doodle up to select a call time
    • Joel won't be able to make current call time in the fall
    • Change-up how we hold meetings? (Robinson)
      • Quick 15-20 minutes for us to talk about what we're doing
      • Maybe a round-table? (Joel)
    • People to invite:
      • Steve, Tommy, Joren, Bjoern, etc.., Sophie

    weekly status


    UNCONFIRMED bug count:

    • July 30th: 712
    • Today: 822
    • Difference: 110
    • ACTION: Joel will come up with strategies (bloggers? other marketing?) to get us under 500 UNCONFIRMED over the summer (by the end of August)
    • 4.3 came out -- not too surprising
    • Joren rallied support w/a few others, dropped that # down 100+ since the release, so we're holding our own (Joel)

    Regression watch (Bjoern)

    • ACTION: Joel will dig through bibisected and regressions confirmed bugs and prioritize according to flowchart
    • Here's a link for bugs w/regression keyword that haven't been bibisected - http://tinyurl .com/mkagsdt

    Topics for ESC?

    Does anyone have any topics/concerns that I should bring to the Engineering Steering Committee (ESC)? (Robinson)

    • Feel free to add relevant topics to the QA project on Redmine, and Robinson can take them to ESC
    • Jay, iplaw, etc.. mentioned several bugs re: codec support for Impress on macOS (and perhaps other platforms?) (Robinson)
    • Quickstarter: We want to make sure that the crashing bug(s) are dealt with before 4.3.1 (Joel)

    needAdvice Bugs

    needAdvice bugs

    • Previous counts: 80+, 32, 32, 29, 23, 24
    • Staying stable, which is great

    Pending Items

    PENDING ITEM: Auto-updates for regular users and QA Testing

    • ACTION: Investigate auto-updates for regular users and/or for QA/testing purposes (Robinson)
    • ACTION: Open discussion again re:auto-update for QA on the mailing list (Robinson)
      • Related: tdf#78592 - "LibreOffice-Installation enhancement/medium NEW UI: Provide RSS feed for torrent downloads" (Joel)
    • PUNTED: Bring up proposal to use Mozilla updater tooling for LibreOffice (Robinson)

    PENDING ITEM: Bugzilla Migration etc.

    • ACTION: Organize time to stress-test new Bugzilla VM (Joel)
    • ACTION: Make sure to suppress outgoing email during our testing of the test Bugzilla (Robinson)
    • ACTION: Perhaps add Simple HTTP Auth (htaccess) control restricting access to (Robinson/Norbert)
    • ACTION: Resolve url for hosting our Bugzilla instance (Joel)
      • Deal with acronym if using url (tdf# ?)
    • ACTION: Set up call and/or thread(s) with the useful people on a mailing list (Robinson)
      • May 22 - Started process
      • June - Need to follow-up again with key people re: current progress (Robinson)

    PENDING ITEM: Bibisect Repositories

    • ACTION: Chat w/Bjoern, etc... re: updates to bibisect repos (Robinson)
      • Propose docs on testing w/3.3.0 separately to place bugs in pre-LO category (Robinson)
    • ACTION: Provide documentation for mac bibisect on wiki (Norbert)
      • Perhaps ask Cloph for help re: Bibisect stuff, and keep Norbert's cycles free for Bugzilla migration

    To review:

    • IDEA: Add bibisect into regular Developer workflow
    • IDEA: Create graph/tool to show which builds contain a given commit

    PENDING ITEM: GUI for Bibisect

    • ACTION: Review BibiGUI -- any Windows/C# Python volunteer dev (Bjoern)
      • June 19 - Joel may have found a volunteer?
    • ACTION: Create an EasyHack a bug for the process of rewriting the existing C# code in Python (or Java) (Florian R.)
    • ACTION: Joel will poke the new guy again on email that showed up with dev experience


    • ACTION: SI-GUI: Contact the people running "interesting" Windows tinderboxes and ask for their assistance (Florian R.)
    • We really want one that's cross-platform (Joel)
      • Can be pretty simple -- just 3 buttons
      • Maybe focus on GNU/Linux for now, as that's looking like most of our bibisect area

    PENDING ITEM: Hackfests

    • ACTION: Check on status of LibreOffice building in the cloud for hackfests (Robinson)
      • Included in the notes for hackfest planning

    Update on:

    • We're planning a bug hunting

    PENDING ITEM: Whiteboard Naming Conventions

    • ACTION: Update tags in the whiteboard to use 'wimpyCaps' (ALL)
      • We had a discussion about filter:xxx, and not sure we found a perfect resolution...
    • Also continue to clarify the use of capitals in the whiteboard, etc..

    PENDING ITEM: Discuss usefulness of QA project in Redmine


    Some ideas for our possible QA Budget

    • Host bibisect repo in the cloud -- use VNC to connect
      • Testing builds in the cloud @ the Boston Hackfest -- good for 1-off testing, but slow for 10 bibisects in a row (Robinson)
      • Perhaps a good target for onboarding (Bjoern)
        • Makes things run very quickly, get people hooked
      • We can spin-up a new machine for each person we're onboarding
    • Daily builds (also in the cloud?)
    • SDK tutorial?
      • Get python community interested in LibreOffice
      • Python IDE support for creating LibreOffice extensions?
        • Can be beneficial for both communities
      • Need to find someone in Python community to help move this forward
    • Hackfest hardware
      • Especially helpful when we don't have good bandwidth/stable connection
    • Other items
      • Crash reporter for Windows
      • Moztrap improvements
        • Ask sophie about a solid proposal for what could be done
      • Native-lang BSA for more projects
        • Biggest hurdle is getting native-lang communities to sign-up for long-term commitment to deal with bug reports (Robinson)

    Long-term/Frozen Pending Items

    These are long-term or frozen items (i.e. on ice until something else happens) that we don't want to forget about...

    PENDING ITEM: MozTrap Localization

    • ACTION: MozTrap translation (GUI and tests) continues to be high-priority for QA (Needs someone to shepherd)

    To review:

    • Other project who might want to work on translating GUI w/us?

    PENDING ITEM: Feedback pages

    • ACTION: Sophie will shepherd native-lang versions of Feedback page

    To review:

    • Next steps for NL versions (bug #?)

    PENDING ITEM: US Merch Store

    • (Future progress)

    PENDING ITEM: Most Annoying Bug List

    • ACTION: Joel will propose stricter guidelines for what qualifies as a MAB

    To review:

    • How is the test going? (using the 'Priority' field in Bugzilla)


    PENDING ITEM: Talk to CS Department/others at University

    • ACTION: Put up a message on the message board at his University and see who is interested (Joel)
      • Need to meet w/Charlie R. to talk with his Uni contacts as well

    New Action Items

    All items proposed between meetings go here

    New Items (Proposed/Discussed at the Meeting)

    NEW ITEM: description (your name)


    jmadero: finish on IRC?   02:22:20 PM
    colonelqubit: oops
    colonelqubit: jmadero: sure
    jmadero: or want me to call back in
    jmadero: okay
    jmadero: cool
    colonelqubit: So I wanted to mention that I'm planning a bug hunting fest for October @ SeaGL
    jmadero: bug hunting or bug squashing?
    colonelqubit: Lessons learned from Boston hackfest and from talkign to you and bjoern
    colonelqubit: I'm thinking basically intro to QA
    colonelqubit: Going to start with an introduction to LibreOffice -- mini-presentation
    colonelqubit: and talk about the various teams within the project
    jmadero: I think that would be tremendously useful
    jmadero: if you did a presentation with impress
    jmadero: a little about each team
    colonelqubit: yep
    jmadero: some examples of things they are doing
    jmadero: and possibly a task or two for each that needs volunteers (and hopefully has mentors)
    colonelqubit: I was thinking about asking individuals to send me a quick video -- maybe 1-2min -- on what they're doing with LibreOffice
    colonelqubit: e.g. mmeeks, Astron, you, Markus, Jean weber, etc..
    colonelqubit: That would be an excellent personal touch for bringing people into the project
    jmadero: good luck with that ;)
    jmadero: people tend to shy away from videos
    jmadero: but maybe you can get it done ;)
    colonelqubit: Well I have some devious ideas...e.g. asking people in person in Bern
    jmadero: I'd be thoroughly impressed
    jmadero: LOL
    jmadero: awesome
    colonelqubit: So yes, I'm aiming to have the bug hunting event on the Sunday after SeaGL; I'll pre-register as many people as possible, but I'm hoping to pick up some more people who hear about it at the conference
    jmadero: sounds great
    jmadero: maybe print out moztrap tests
    jmadero: and have them go through them (this way they don't have to sign up for a moztrap account)
    colonelqubit: Ah, interesting
    colonelqubit: well, wouldn't we want them to have a moztrap account? :)
    jmadero: sure but you know - the barrier thing
    jmadero: maybe have some printed, and say "you can set up an account if you want"
    jmadero: walk them through it
    colonelqubit: yeah, definitely
    colonelqubit: Venue possibles include the college hosting SeaGL, and UW
    colonelqubit: I was going to ask for funding for t-shirts and lunch
    jmadero: seems fine
    colonelqubit: So two main goals of the event
    colonelqubit: Obviously outreach
    colonelqubit: and also recruiting for QA
    jmadero: yup
    colonelqubit: I know that there were some issues re: having people use paper-based sign-up sheets for mailing lists
    jmadero: lol privacy stuff?
    colonelqubit: but I think that if I mail the people back personally and ask them to sign-up for the QA list, that might work
    jmadero: maybe just have the chromebook setup so they can sign up themselves
    colonelqubit: Yeah, double-opt-in rules for germany
    colonelqubit: So people will show up with their laptops
    colonelqubit: I guess I could ask them to go through the steps with me
    colonelqubit: 1) Set up bugzilla account
    colonelqubit: 2) Join the QA mailing list
    colonelqubit: 3) etc...
    jmadero: yeah - it's always tricky finding the balance between "boring" and "overload"
    colonelqubit: sure
    colonelqubit: I'll wear my clown shoes, just to keep things light
    jmadero: lol
    jmadero: colonelqubit: how many shirts do you think?
    colonelqubit: Depends on how many people are interested
    colonelqubit: Would you like some sent down to CA?
    colonelqubit: (no, I'm not suggesting that you run your own bug-hunting session... :-)
    jmadero: lol no it's okay this round - I'll be getting one in Bern I suppose
    colonelqubit: on the back it will say 'Bored Director'
    jmadero: lol I hope not
    colonelqubit: 'Boardirector'
    jmadero: maybe that
    jmadero: btw Bhavani likes the Walrus
    colonelqubit: With a big boar on it
    colonelqubit: Ah, excellent
    jmadero: time to start looking at other items to advertise us :)
    jmadero: mugs and thumb drives I think would work well
    colonelqubit: wait, you were there when michael asked us about it, right?
    jmadero: soon I'll have 20 shirts
    jmadero: I don't think so
    colonelqubit: it was at the end of the hackfest -- you might have gone by then
    colonelqubit: And he got this quizzical look on his face, and asked why there was a walrus
    colonelqubit: And I tried to explain that it was something we'd used in QA
    colonelqubit: it was a fun mascot
    colonelqubit: that seemed to help, a little
    jmadero: lol
    colonelqubit: . o O (...crazy yanks! )
    jmadero: so no mascot for Europe
    jmadero: that's too bad ;)
    jmadero: colonelqubit: in terms of tasks that are on redmine - your thoughts are of course appreciated
    jmadero: those were all added by myself ;)
    colonelqubit: jmadero: it's just themed for each country in EU
    jmadero: ah
    colonelqubit: so for example the wlarus will have a beret in France
    jmadero: ;)
    colonelqubit: and a leaning pizza in italy
    colonelqubit: Probably a steampunk walrus in Germany


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