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    Meeting of the QA Team

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    Date and Time (UTC) 2014-07-02 17:30 UTC
    G+ Hangout
    Chair Robinson Tryon
    Secretary Robinson Tryon





    Joel, Joren, Sophie, Jay, Robinson

    Talkyoo Room Number 537138


    Agenda + Minutes


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    Before we Start

    A few minutes before we officially start the call, we'll try to have a few people on hand to help assist newbies set up their teleconferencing gear, get things muted, and log on to all of our communication channels:


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    IRC Minutes

    (Talkyoo meeting today)

    The State of QA

    Including any Opening Discussion

    • Impress Remote:
      • Bluetooth adapters arrived?
        • Jun 20 - Joren's adapter arrived
    • xx- Bugzilla migration
      • Updates...
      • Re: need to reset passwords
        • Email notification ahead of migration
        • Tweak the change-password page and the front page to indicate that people will need to reset their passwords
        • Create an 'About our new Bugzilla' video as a part of our 'Intro to QA' series
    • Bugzilla:
      • SUGGESTION: Use to host Bugzilla
      • We can have both LibreOffice and some of the Document Liberation Project libraries all exist as top-level products in the bugtracker
    • QUESTION: Should we refocus ourselves as the TDF QA Team (to cover LibreOffice, DLP, etc.. ?)
    • Bluetooth adapters all arrived!
    • Bugzilla migration

    Project Management:

    • What about global TODO lists? (across various TDF/LibreOffice teams) (Joel)
      • Perhaps something available via Redmine? Or a project management tool? (Robinson)
        • Best option for now is Wiki, but we'll still keep looking.
    • [DONE] ACTION: Robinson will check-in with cloph re: project in Redmine for project management
    • ACTION: Ask cloph for QA project for Redmine (Robinson)
      • Migrate our TODO items over there

    BugHunting Session

    • How did it go?
    • When is our next BH Session?

    4.4.0 Beta1 * due date: Week 47 , Nov 17, 2014 - Nov 23, 2014 * wiki page setup: week 42 * create logo: week 42 * first communication: week 43 * PR: week 44 * banner on the sites: week 44 * Reminder week 46 * social media com: week 46 * Prepare Moztrap run week 46 * Reminder on the lists and social media week 47

    • Work to improve communication re: MozTrap (Sophie)
    • What kind of marketing for BugHunting sessions? (Jay)
      • Blog posts, Twitter, G+ page, TDF announcements
        • Main LibreOffice G+: 3,300 people
      • Possible marketing on Reddit? Perhaps r/linux, r/libreoffice, r/LinuxActionShow/ (Jay)
        • I chatted w/the Linux Action Show folks at LinuxFest Northwest (Robinson)
      • Also
    • Re: Marketing, individual teams -- would it be helpful to document our relationship with marketing? (Robinson)
      • Not as much for the pros, but more for newcomers to understand what resources are available

    weekly status



    UNCONFIRMED bug count:

    • June 18th: 1042
    • Today: 985
    • Difference: -57
    • ACTION: Joel will come up with strategies (bloggers? other marketing?) to get us under 500 UNCONFIRMED over the summer (by the end of August)
    • Almost on track to meet our goal of under 500 UNCONFIRMED (Joel)
    • Possibly get some people interested in bug triage at US Summer Hackfest (Robinson)

    Regression watch (Bjoern)

    * Regressions in 4.3 not in 4.2
      • Previous Counts: 32, 37
    * Regressions in 4.2 not in 4.1
      • Previous Counts: 65, 85
    • When we have direct access to the db (with own Bugzilla install) we may be able to graph and better-understand the rise of # of regressions vs. LOC, number of new features added, etc.. (Robinson)
      • Just want to make sure that we're not sacrificing quality for new features

    Topics for ESC?

    Does anyone have any topics/concerns that I should bring to the Engineering Steering Committee (ESC)? (Robinson)

    • Numbers are looking better

    Need_Advice Bugs

    NeedAdvice bugs

    • Previous counts: 80+, 32, 32
    • Some of the oldest bugs are real warts; not sure if devs will want to deal with them (Robinson)
      • If so, we need to get some traction. We don't want to see bugs sitting around in NeedAdvice for ever (Joel)
        • Perhaps one of the core devs can make the decision to mark NEEDINFO or INVALID or etc..
    • At some point, QA does need to deal with these bugs if devs aren't interested (Robinson)
    • Highlight oldest bugs --> find people/resources to repro them (e.g. if we need a Brother printer, search LO and/or tweet and ask for help)
    • Important bugs will be fixed eventually (Sophie)
      • If someone really wants a bug fixed, they'll pay for it
    • Make sure users have reasonable expectations about the effort required to reproduce, triage, and fix bugs (Robinson)
      • Joel does a good job of this
    • IN general, devs are cautious about joining our call (worries about being hounded about bugs? :-) (Joel)
    • Most important part of Open Source project is communication (Sophie)

    Pending Items

    PENDING ITEM: Auto-updates for regular users and QA Testing

    • ACTION: Investigate auto-updates for regular users and/or for QA/testing purposes (Robinson)
    • ACTION: Open discussion again re:auto-update for QA on the mailing list (Robinson)
      • Related: tdf#78592 - "LibreOffice-Installation enhancement/medium NEW UI: Provide RSS feed for torrent downloads" (Joel)


    PENDING ITEM: Bugzilla Migration etc.

    • ACTION: Organize time to stress-test new Bugzilla VM (Joel)
    • ACTION: Make sure to suppress outgoing email during our testing of the test Bugzilla (Robinson)
    • ACTION: Perhaps add Simple HTTP Auth (htaccess) control restricting access to (Robinson/Norbert)
    • ACTION: Resolve url for hosting our Bugzilla instance (Joel)
      • Deal with acronym if using url (tdf# ?)
    • ACTION: Set up call and/or thread(s) with the useful people on a mailing list (Robinson)
      • May 22 - Started process
      • June - Need to follow-up again with key people re: current progress (Robinson)

    PENDING ITEM: Bibisect Repositories

    • ACTION: Chat w/Bjoern, etc... re: updates to bibisect repos (Robinson)
      • Propose docs on testing w/3.3.0 separately to place bugs in pre-LO category (Robinson)
    • ACTION: Provide documentation for mac bibisect on wiki (Norbert)
      • Perhaps ask Cloph for help re: Bibisect stuff, and keep Norbert's cycles free for Bugzilla migration

    To review:

    • IDEA: Add bibisect into regular Developer workflow
    • IDEA: Create graph/tool to show which builds contain a given commit

    PENDING ITEM: GUI for Bibisect

    • ACTION: Review BibiGUI -- any Windows/C# Python volunteer dev (Bjoern)
      • June 19 - Joel may have found a volunteer?
    • ACTION: Create an EasyHack a bug for the process of rewriting the existing C# code in Python (or Java) (Florian R.)


    • ACTION: SI-GUI: Contact the people running "interesting" Windows tinderboxes and ask for their assistance (Florian R.)
    • No Florian! :-(
    • No further update from volunteer interested in Bibisect GUI (Joel)

    PENDING ITEM: EOL, Release series, and Stable versions

    • ACTION: We'll wait and see if the Fresh vs. Stable (esque) language ends up in the updater (Robinson)
      • May 5th - Punting to see until updater is fixed
    • ACTION: Make enhancement request for this issue (so we can take it off the agenda) (Joel)
    • Take it off the agenda --> we can bring it up later again (Robinson)

    PENDING ITEM: Hackfests

    • [DONE] ACTION: USA involvement in hackfests -- (Keep on the agenda, discuss on QA list) (All)
    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel & Robinson will chat about Boston
    • [DONE] ACTION: Joel will recruit a few European developers to connect remotely
    • ACTION: Check on status of LibreOffice building in the cloud for hackfests (Robinson)
    • [DONE] ACTION: Follow-up on what resources we have re: in-person/remote devs in 1 week (June 25) (Robinson)
      • June 19 - Mmeeks very likely; no response from remote devs so far
    • [DONE] ACTION: Include request for artists to attend the Hackfest (make sure we have enough for them to do!) (Robinson)
      • Included in the notes for hackfest planning

    Update on:

    • Other Events: (School in Pennsylvania)?

    Events/2014/US Summer Hackfest

    • Take inspiration for the hackfest page from the Paris page (Joren)

    Long-term/Frozen Pending Items

    These are long-term or frozen items (i.e. on ice until something else happens) that we don't want to forget about...

    PENDING ITEM: MozTrap Localization

    • ACTION: MozTrap translation (GUI and tests) continues to be high-priority for QA (Needs someone to shepherd)

    To review:

    • Other project who might want to work on translating GUI w/us?

    PENDING ITEM: Feedback pages

    • ACTION: Sophie will shepherd native-lang versions of Feedback page

    To review:

    • Next steps for NL versions (bug #?)

    PENDING ITEM: US Merch Store

    • (Future progress)

    PENDING ITEM: Most Annoying Bug List

    • ACTION: Joel will propose stricter guidelines for what qualifies as a MAB

    To review:

    • How is the test going? (using the 'Priority' field in Bugzilla)


    PENDING ITEM: Talk to CS Department/others at University

    • ACTION: Put up a message on the message board at his University and see who is interested (Joel)
      • Need to meet w/Charlie R. to talk with his Uni contacts as well

    New Action Items

    All items proposed between meetings go here

    New Items (Proposed/Discussed at the Meeting)

    NEW ITEM: description (your name)


    • ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next meeting will take place... July 20th (Wednesday) at 17:30 UTC, unless otherwise noted on the QA/Mailing List.


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