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Apa itu QA?

QA is short for Quality Assurance. QA is to improve and test our newest LibreOffice to get a well done and good software for the users. It is being done at any time from development phase to final release.

Our first goal is to find or confirm the most embarrassing and urgent bugs and hand them over to the developers to take care of them. Therefore we are a bridge between end users and developers and try to guide the bug report to its proper ending. We try to reproduce bugs, give it the right priority, find duplicates, and so on.

Siapakah Kami?

Our QA Team if very diverse. From developers to beginners. If you can understand and write English, and you have LibreOffice installed, you can help us (see How to participate)!

Apa yang dikerjakan tiam QA?

Triage Bugs

If you look at the table linked in Bjoern's blogpost[1], You find there are over 5000 open bugs and >200 of those are assigned to developers. We have to ensure those bugs are of the right:

  • quality (good triage and critical bug)
  • quantity (Developers should always be aware of the most important bugs to work on) [2]

Given that a certain amount of the assigned bugs have not seen a change in more than 180 days, it is clear that it would not help much to push more bugs in the direction of development in its current state of operation. So what remains for QA to do, is to find the most important bugs and from those the ones that are best triaged: have a reproduction scenario, a pinned down version when the bug appeared, a bibisect.

Bagaimana cara berpartisipasi

There is lots of work for anyone with or without special computer skills:

Validate and sort existing bugs

See bug triage.

Search for regressions

See regression tests. If you found a regression bug it'll be useful to Bibisect to narrow down the commit range that introduced this behavior.

Test new features

See feature tests.

Improve automated tests

See automated tests and manual test cases.

If in doubts, try FAQ or just ask on the QA mailing list. Please, subscribe there and keep in touch. Or ask it via chat: IRC channel #libreoffice-qa.

Perangkat QA


See Bibisect

Install in parallel

For some bugs it is useful to test with the stable release as well as the experimental branch. It is possible the bug you found or try to reproduce is already fixed in the next release. To install LibreOffice versions in parallel, see Installing in parallel. Latest (very unstable) versions of LibreOffice can be downloaded here: Nightly builds (alpha versions). The last official build(s), Pre-Release (beta versions and release candidates)


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