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Bienvenido a la Wiki del Equipo de Diseño de LibreOffice en Español ¡Te estabamos esperando! :)

Conoce al Equipo de Diseño de LibreOffice en Español

Make it just work, and look great too!

Estamos involucrados en el diseño de la interfaz de usuario (UI), diseño de interacción para la mejor utilidad, usabilidad y accesibilidad de LibreOffice y a su página web; y en el diseño gráfico, elementos de identidad visual, artwork y otros trabajos de diseño.

Siempre estamos en busca de voluntarios, por lo que no dude en echar una mano, no se precisan de conocimientos avanzados de diseño.

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(→ Archived Whiteboards)
Development Blueprints User Experience Principles
(→ User Experience Guidelines)
Artwork Resources
(→ Branding Guidelines)

  • To post a design for a project upload it to the wiki.
  • Each project page should have a category where you can put your submission.
    • Use the same format as the previous poster.
    • If there's no previous poster, have a look at a finished project or just trust your instincts.
  • If you have a great design idea for LibreOffice that doesn't fall into the scope of any of the projects we're working on, tell us about it on the list.
  • If you need a place to host your mockups or a thorough description of your idea, use your user page ("User:" + your user name; e.g. "User:Mirek2") on this wiki.
  • Visit our current projects page to learn what we are currently working on and see what you can help with.
    • Take a look at our visual elements page, where you can find graphics to base your design on.
    • Each project has a relevant art section -- be sure to check that out for inspiration.
    • Inactive or completed project are moved to the archive.
  • The graphics you submit must be published under a Creative Commons license (CC0 works in all situations)
    • Be careful not to violate copyright
    • Don't try to emulate designs from competing software.
    • If you're using others' work in your design, be sure to comply with their license.
  • The source of your design should be editable within an open-source image editor, such as Inkscape, GIMP, or Pencil.
    • PNG is our preferred format for images you upload to the wiki.
    • SVG is our preferred format for source files of vector images, which you don't have to publish unless you're asked to.

  • To look for designs to implement visit the blueprints page.
  • If you are looking for design related bugs you can find them here.