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Babagan kaca Wiki

Sugeng Rawuh wonten ing kaca wiki tim Dokumentasi LibreOffie basa Jawi. Wonten ing kaca niki, Panjenengan badhe nemokaken pranala teng kaca undhuhan kangge pandhuan resmi ingkang dipun pacak lan sumber daya lintunipun ugi dokumen ingkang dikelola dening tim kanthi saktemenipun. Pranala niku ugi maringi akses marang pandhuan saking pihak ketiga. Wonten ugi pranala kangge sinten kemawon ingkang purun nggabung kalih Tim Dokumentasi.


The official (and some third-party) guides can be found at

or at

Both pages have the same guides but the wiki sometimes has updates a few days earlier than the official page.


There is "an FAQ" (a list of frequently asked questions with brief and useful answers) at

The French Team created the FAQ which is being translated into English.

Tim Dokumentasi

To join the Documentation Team or just have a look at some of the key pages and issues try this link.

Dokumentasi yang sedang dikerjakan

Below is a list of end user documentation that is under development:

  • Base Guide (some chapters are in early draft)
  • Improved Linux Installation Guide

Another page has a wish list of documentation the team would like to work on in the future