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這個頁面比較LibreOffice 6.3.0 (下載) 和Microsoft Office 2016. 這裡包含主要和次要功能的不同,同時它還包含了LibreOffice擴充功能的說明。這些比較將不同地方的凸顯差異,當然這裡不顯示兩個套件都有的功能。


這個比較是由用戶編輯更新而不是 TDF 官方文檔

普通辦公套件:LibreOffice 和 Microsoft Office

主要功能的差異 LibreOffice 5 MS Office 2016
跨平台性能(桌面版) 在Windows, macOS, Linux, [1],(基於相同的代碼庫) Windows 和 macOS (基於不同的代碼庫,因此存在一些格式兼容問題,不同的功能特性、用戶界面。macOS版Office 2016年沒有數據庫應用程序,包含一些新的功能,但缺少另外一些功能)
Windows 系统支持版本 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 ,10,Server 2008, Server 2012.(1 Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012。 Windows RT在MS Office 2013之後版本中不再提供支持。 (在那個版本功能缺少, 沒有 MS Access 也不支持Metro風格)
macOS 支援版本 10.8+ (非官方版本 10.5 PPC 可以提供支援)([2]) 10.10+ (Yosemite)
作為操作系統的原生64位應用程序 Linux, macOS, Windows (> XP) Windows
在 USB 閃存盤運行的便攜版(不用安裝) 没有 (已停產的 MS Office 2010 入門版可以在 USB 閃存盤運行)
開源 是, 通過MPLv2 等認證許可. 否, 源代碼專有且封閉
集成所有辦公組件 支持.包含每一個辦公組件,能打開、新建其他所有組件文檔。啟動中心可以訪問辦公模塊,最近使用的文件和模板。 不支持
是否免費 否, 專業版語言包也需要付費。可試用30天。
是否有擴展系統 LibreOffcie 有復雜、實用的擴展系統(在extensions.libreoffice.org有超過380個擴展,extensions.services.openoffice.org有800多個擴展)(包括自動更新) 有部分擴展, 加載項和宏沒有集中的擴展系統。Office 應用商店為 Office 2013提供擴展。
本地化 111 種語言(LibreOffice 支持的詳細語言列表 96種語言(52種主要語言包需要購買, 超過44種語言(總共60種)可以免費下載)
支持從右向左輸入⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg(RTL)的語言(比如 Arabic) 支持 Windows, 手機和線上版支援,Mac X OS 系统不支援
離線狀態更改用戶界面語言 支持 支持, 但語言包需要額外付費
附带书写辅助 擴展支援(拼寫檢查字典,連字符,詞組和語法檢查,拓展性專業詞典(1, 2, 3))。150多種語言的 LibreOffice 書寫輔助詳細列表 有限制, 語言包需要額外付費
支援複雜語言和特殊字型(連字、真小型大寫字母、老式數字、比例或等寬數字、大寫字母間距、真上標/下標)) 综合 支援 SIL Graphite 字型技術 (不支持 macOS)。支持 OpenType 可选功能:本土化字形(locl標籤)(tdf#58941) 僅限於 OpenType 連字、樣式集、數字間距、數字形式、上下文變體
Easy access to vector clip art Yes via LO Gallery (clipart extensions (1 or 2)). Extension for the integration of cliparts from OpenClipart.org Selection more limited
Macro scripting languages Multiple languages, support for wide variety of languages (LibreOffice Basic, JavaScript, BeanShell and Python). Single language, support for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Indirectly also Visual Basic or Visual C# by using automation.
CMIS protocol support to access Document Management Systems Support for Alfresco, Google GDrive, Nuxeo, MS SharePoint, MS OneDrive, IBM FileNet Lotus Live Files, Lotus Quickr Domino, OpenDataSpace and OpenText ELS. Inbuilt support only for MS SharePoint and MS OneDrive
Support of ISO standardized OpenDocument (ODF) format Advanced support, v. 1.2 extended Limited (Windows), v. 1.2, no ODF support on macOS
PDF export extended options Multiple options (Additional options: detailed image settings, watermarks, HybridPDF, transition effects, tagged pdf, extended security and permission options, PDF forms, initial view settings, extended handling of URLs, digital signatures) High or low quality PDF, page and markup to print in Access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint 1; pictures resolution and non-printing informations in Publisher.
Creation of HybridPDFs (ODF file embedded in PDF for full editing) Supported Not supported
Import of graphics formats: SVG vector graphics (.svg, .svgz), Adobe Photoshop (.psd) Supported Not supported
Import from vector graphics / DTP software: CorelDraw (v1-X7), Corel Presentation Exchange, Adobe/Macromedia Freehand, Adobe PageMaker Supported Not supported
Import of MS Visio files Supported (Visio 2000-2013) Not supported (only via MS Visio which is not part of MS Office)
Import of video and audio formats FLAC Audio flac, Flash Video (flv), Matroska Media (mkv), OGG Audio, Ogg Video, Quicktime Video, WebM Video, Real Audio (.ra), Real Media (.rm), Digital Video (.dv), Audio Codec (.ac3), and Ogg Opus (.opus) Supported Not supported
Drawing program LibreOffice Draw No
PIM and email program Not part of office suite, referring to Mozilla Thunderbird with Mozilla Lightning. Mail Merge Wizard sends out emails directly from LibreOffice without email software. MS Outlook
Import & Export of Microsoft OOXML files Good support of real life OOXML files (e.g. .xlsx, .docx, .pptx) and standardized (transitional) OOXML files, as well as import of OOXML-strict files. Advanced support of transitional (default) and strict OOXML files.
PDF Import Partial, into Draw and Writer with the limitation that text is imported line-based (tdf#32249). Supported, into MS Word
User Interface approach Classic UI; Sidebar (default in Impress and Writer; in Calc not enabled by default). Customization possible: several icon themes, Firefox themes. Ribbon UI; Classic UI available as third-party paid extension
Available as native 64-bit application on OS Linux, macOS. Native 64-Bit version for Windows currently in development, planned for upcoming version 5.0 Windows
User interface improved to enable use on touch screen devices on desktop operating systems No Slightly adjusted user interface for touch screen devices, but no redesign
Versions of office suite for mobile operating systems No, ports for Android and iOS in development. (1, 2, 3,4, for details see page for Android port development). Beta version of the LibreOffice viewer on Google play. Mobile versions restricted to smartphones (not on tablets) for iOS, Android, WindowsPhone 8 with heavily restricted feature set, good viewing but very limited editing capabilities; after registration private users are allowed to view and edit at no cost, while professional users are required to have an eligible Office 365 subscription at a monthly fee. A more comprehensive version is available for the iPad, after registration document viewing at no cost, while editing requires an eligible Office 365 subscription at a monthly fee.
Online/cloud version of office suite No, in development: see LibreOffice Online port development and Using LibreOffice in a Web Browser. Office web apps, with reduced functionality. (1)
Synchronous collaborative editing No, in development. See: Collaborative Editing and Track changes. Supported
Minor Feature Differences LibreOffice 4.4 MS Office 2013
Import of graphics formats DXF, MET, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PPM, PPM, RAS, SGF, SVM, TGA, XBM, XPM Supported Not supported
Import of MacOS legacy vector and bitmap graphics formats: BeagleWorks, ClarisWorks, GreatWorks, MacPaint, MacWorks, SuperPaint, MacDraw, MacDraw II, RagTime for Mac 2-3 Supported Not supported
Import of additional video and audio formats: CD Audio, Vivo Video. Supported Not supported
Document converter wizard Supported Not supported
Euro currency converter wizard Supported Not supported
Expert config to access a multitude of settings from UI Supported Not supported
Support for GIMP color palette format .gpl Supported Not supported
Enhanced list of recent files and folders Partial (tdf#61174, tdf#60743). Option to clear list of recent documents. Selectively delete Recent Documents (in StartCenter) Supported (option to set recent files as permanent)
Digital signatures / Signature Line Single signature. Round-trip with MS Office problematic (tdf#58442, tdf#58476). Supported
Custom colours in formula editor Set of 16 colours (tdf#40436) Supported
Streaming of office applications/office on demand Not supported (possible via third party services) Supported (1)
Ink annotations (e.g. on a windows tablet computer) Not supported, (only support for import of existing ink annotations from MS Word file format) Supported
Live preview while formatting Not supported (tdf#37048) Supported
Inserting videos from online sources Not supported (tdf#42246) (Work-around: Download of online video and embed it in presentation (incl. Flash videos)) Supported (1)
Import of graphics formats: MEZ, WMZ, PCZ, CGM Not supported Supported
Export to XPS format⁠Wikipedia logo v3.svg Not supported Supported

Word processors: LibreOffice Writer vs. Microsoft Word

Major Feature Differences LO Writer 4.4 MS Word 2013
Working with large documents Stable layout Layout problemsa
Handling of captions for graphics or image boxes Stable layout Layout problems
Styles (page styles, frame styles, list styles) Supported Not supported
Overlining of text Supported No, but complicated workaround
Master documents for longer texts Master documents and Master document templates supported Supported but deprecated because it causes file corruption
Business card wizard a Supported Not supported
Text auto completion of words already used before Supported Not supported
XForms documents creation Supported Not supported
Mathematical calculations in tables Complex calculations Only basic arithmetic
DirectCursor (allows to enter text anywhere on a page) Supported Supported, under the name Click and type (advanced option)
DocBook import & export Supported Not supported
Export to MediaWiki (Wikipedia) format Supported Not supported
Export to XHTML Supported Not supported
Extended label creation features a Supported (generic database access, synchronise content) Partial
Frames DTP-like features like text in multiple columns and text-wrap around graphics Concept of "horizontal frames" is more limited
PDF export of comments Export of comments according to PDF specification (via "File" > "Export as PDF"). PDF export of comments: inside the margin, at end of page, at end of document (activation complicated, only via: "Tools" > "Options" > "LibreOffice Writer" > "Print" (tdf#77650)) Export only as comments inside margin
Grammar check Out of the box only 4 languages (English, Russian, Hungarian and Brazilian Portuguese)

extensions: e.g. Languagetool for 31 languages plus 9 language variants (level of language support varies), Grammalecte for French, CoGroo for Brazilian Portuguese

Out of the box (21 languages (plus 1 language variant) supported with additional costs)
Picture styles & additional effects Not supported (tdf#59906), but effects are preserved on import and export. Supported
Style sets (for paragraph styles) Different. Templates provide this functionality, but more difficult to handle. Helpful extension: Template Changer. (tdf#45176) Supported
Table styles Different (tdf#34391), has been a GSOC 2013 project (1). Table > AutoFormat provides part of this functionality. Supported
View changes in the right margin in "track changes" mode Not supported (tdf#34355) Supported
Diagonal borders in tables Not supported (tdf#51665) Supported
Extended reading mode of documents Not supported (tdf#55168) Supported
Collapse and expand parts of a document Not supported (tdf#47746) Supported
Simultaneous editing of a document by multiple authors Not supported, in development Supported (via OneDrive or Sharepoint)
Instant messaging while collaborating on document Not supported Supported (1)
Minor Feature Differences LO Writer 4.4 MS Word 2013
Protected cells in tables (allows better creation of forms) Supported Not supported
Open erroneous .doc files Better recovery modea,b More frequently denies opening those files
Wizard to create personalized letter templates Supported Not supported
Import & Export Unified Office Format text Supported Not supported
Import & Export AportisDoc (Palm), PocketWord documents Supported (requires Java installed) [1] Not supported
Import of AbiWord files Supported Not supported
Import of eBook formats: FictionBook 2.0, BroadBand, Plucker (Palm), eReader (Palm), zTXT (Palm), TealDoc (Palm), PalmDoc (Palm) Supported Not supported
Import of legacy macOS word processing documents: MS Word for Mac (1-5.1), MS Works for Mac (1-4), ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, Write Now, MacWriteII/MacWritePro, DOCMaker 4, FullWrite Professional, HanMac Word-K/J, LightWayText for Mac 4.5, Mariner Write Mac Classic 1.6-3.5, MindWrite Document, Nisus Writer Mac Classic 3.4-6.5, TeachText/SimpleText 1, Tex-Edit 2, WriterPlus, Z-Write 1.3, eDOC 2, Acta Mac Classic, BeagleWorks/WordPerfect Works 1, GreatWorks, MacDoc 1, MoreMac 2-3, RagTime for Mac 2-3 Supported Not supported
Import of DOS/Windows legacy word processing documents: Microsoft WinWord 5, Microsoft Word 6.0 / 95, Hangul WP97 and Text 602 (T602), Lotus WordPro Supported Not supported
Logo toolbar and interpreter supported Not supported
Conditional text supported Not supported (1)
Format text of all comments in document Supported Not supported
Number of columns per table in document Unlimited columns Limited to 63 columns
Maximum page size 300cm x 300cm 55.87cm x 55.87cm
Bibliographic features Basic inbuilt support. Excellent free extensions: e.g. Zotero, Bibus, JabRef as well as proprietary extensions. Supported plus free extensions: e.g. Zotero as well as proprietary extensions.
Rotate images Rotation supported only for 90° increments (tdf#73797). Rotation of SVG vector graphics not supported (tdf#73796), alternative extensions WriterRotationTool or Easy Image Editor. Supported
Advanced find & replace / Special characters Partial (tdf#38261), extension: Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer Supported
Complex Outline numbering / Multilevel list Different numerically equivalent format not supported (tdf#35217) Supported
Complex/rich text formatting in comments (e.g. bullet points, text color, images, tables) Not supported. Some formatting features are supported, e.g. font type, font size, bold, italics, underline, text alignment (align, centered, justified). (tdf#81458) Supported
Document/text translation Not supported (tdf#34058) Supported (1)
Decorative page borders Not supported (tdf#39270) Supported
Add watermarks to pages Not supported, workaround exists. Watermark option in PDF export. Supported
Horizontal split view of the same document Not supported (tdf#31481), workaround: Windows > New Window to clone document window. Supported
Outline view Not supported (tdf#38262), workaround: Navigator > Content View to drag and promote/demote headings Supported
Draft view Not supported (tdf#39080) Supported
Upload to blog servers Not supported, extension: Sun Weblog Publisher. Supported (Sharepoint Blog, Wordpress, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, Community Server, TypePad, MetaWebLog API)
Increase/decrease size in a selections of mixed-sized text Not supported. Supported

Spreadsheet applications: LibreOffice Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Major Feature Differences LO Calc 4.4 MS Excel 2013
Comparison of two spreadsheet files Supported Not supported
Page styles (in addition to cell styles) Supported Not supported
Hyphenation of text in cells Supported Not supported
AutoSpellcheck / Spelling as you type Supported Not supported (1)
Export to XHTML Supported Not supported
Exporting of a single chart as image (e.g. jpg, png, svg, pdf) Supported Not supported
OpenFormula standard Largely supported Partial
Number of columns per sheet Max. 1024 columns (tdf#50916) Up to 16384 columns
Table styles "View" > "Toolbars" > "Tools" > "Choose Themes" as well as "Format" > "AutoFormat" provide part of this functionality. (tdf#77569, tdf#44762,tdf#44763) Supported
Chart styles Not supported (tdf#62925, tdf#62540, tdf#39097) Selection of some pre-set chart styles and layouts
Interactive diagrams / PivotChart Not supported Supported
Relationships between tables, based on matching data in each table Not supported (work around: using function VLOOKUP) Supported (1)
Import Access databases Not supported directly but possible via a .odb connected to the database Supported
Export generic XML Not supported Supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Calc 4.4 MS Excel 2013
Flexible CSV export Supported (1, 2) Not supported
View clone of spreadsheet in new window Independent window Cannot be moved outside the application window
Chart type Stepped lines for XY (Scatter) graphs Supported Not supported
Import & Export Unified Office Format spreadsheet Supported Not supported
Import of DOS/Windows legacy spreadsheet formats: Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro 6, Microsoft Works spreadsheet Supported Not supported
Import of MacOS legacy spreadsheet formats: BeagleWorks, ClarisWorks, Claris Resolve, GreatWorks, MacWorks, Wingz Supported Not supported
Import & Export Pocket Excel Supported (requires Java installed) [1] Not supported
Ability to rotate entire chart Supported Not supported
PDF export of comments Export of comments according to PDF specification Not supported
Property mapping functionality for charts (conditional chart colors/borders) Supported Not supported (Only available: Inverting colors for negative values)
Formatting of cells More detailed: Number formats: more flexible use of "Format Code" for custom adjustments, leading zeroes, language setting, percentages without percentage sign, thousands separator for percentages, number format "boolean value"; Font: overligning of text, relief (embossed, engraved), outline, shadow, underline of individual words, spacing settings, kerning; Borders: shadow, spacing to contents; Protection: hide cells when printing. Easy work around for missing US zip code and US phone number formats. Less features
Conditional formatting: icon sets 2 additional smilies icon sets. No reverse icon order (tdf#61313) and missing icon sets (tdf#69095) 3 additional icon sets: "5 boxes", "3 symbols uncircled", "3 triangles". Customization of icon sets, e.g. reverse icon order.
Advanced find & replace / Cell Format Partial (Styles supported, Cell Format not supported) Supported
Import from Gnumeric Partial (experimental) support Not supported
Chart: Automatically vary colours by point Not supported (only manually) Supported
Chart type: xyz / surface charts Not supported, basic workaround 1 (tdf#51670) Supported
Printing of selected chart only Not supported, workarounds 1, 2 (tdf#45893) Supported
Quick analysis feature Not supported Supported
Flash fill Not supported Supported
Chart recommendations Not supported Supported
'Publishing' spreadsheet for online team meetings Not supported Supported
Sparklines (to give a quick overview of the trend in a data range) Not supported, extension: EuroOffice Sparkline Supported
Add points to a line, possibility to bend lines Not supported (tdf#36943) Supported
Cell background options Background color (bugs regarding pattern tdf#31205 and gradient tdf#49177) Background color, pattern, gradient
Copy only visible cells Not supported, extension: Copy only visible cells Supported

Presentation software: LibreOffice Impress vs. Microsoft Powerpoint

Major Feature Differences LO Impress 4.4 MS Powerpoint 2013
Hyphenation support Supported Not supported
Export to XHTML Supported Not supported
Export to HTML Supported Not supported (removed feature since MS Office 2013)
Export to Flash format (SWF) Supported Not supported
Export to vector graphic formats: SVG, EPS Supported Not supported
Inserting 3D models GlTF files, partial support for .dae and .kmz files) (Windows/Linux) Not supported
Presentation remote control for smartphones/tablets For Android smartphones/tablets and iOS (iPhone/iPad). For WindowsPhone 8 (smartphones only, no Office 2013 RT), but with additional features for Excel and Word
3D slide transitions MacOS, Linux, Windows ("OpenGL transitions for Impress" on Windows need to be activated during installation as optional feature. Activated by default in upcoming version 5.0, see: tdf#89135) MacOS, Windows
Edit embedded videos Via external programs Directly in the program
Comments and reply to comments Partial Supported
SmartArt diagrams Not supported (tdf#37932), solution: smArt extension Supported
Save highlights and drawings during presentation Not supported (tdf#51928) Supported
Compare presentations Not supported, extension ODFDiff Supported
Broadcast presentation on the Internet Only via export to PDF or SWF Supported
Collaboration features. Several people working on same presentation Not supported Supported
Animated diagrams Not supported Supported
Record a slide show Not supported (tdf#34959) Supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Impress 4.4 MS Powerpoint 2013
Number of slide layouts 12 9
PDF export of comments Export of comments according to PDF specification Not supported
Import & Export Unified Office Format presentation Supported Not supported
Export to graphics formats: MET, PBM, PICT, PGM, PPM, RAS, XPM, PWP Supported Not supported
Import of Apple Keynote files Supported Not supported
Embedding of fonts in presentation file Supported Supported on Windows. No support for embedding fonts in Powerpoint on macOS
Maximum page size 300cm x 300cm (Draw and Impress) 142.22cm x 142.22cm
Editing of master slides Limited editing, has been a GSOC 2013 project (1). Powerful editing
Creation of automatically starting presentations Not supported, extension: ImpressRunner Supported
Export presentation to video formats Not supported (tdf#34959) Supported (only to .wmv format)
Slide zoom and pan Not supported (tdf#38263) Supported

Database program: LibreOffice Base vs. Microsoft Access

Major Feature Differences LO Base 4.4 MS Access 2013
Available on all operating systems supported by the office suite Yes MS Access not available on macOS, Windows RT and other mobile OS
SQL syntax highlighting Supported Not supported
Native connectors for: MySQL/MariaSQL, PostgreSQL, Novell GroupWise Supported No, via ODBC
Integration of Mozilla Thunderbird address book, KDE address book, Evolution LDAP and storage, Windows system address book Supported (TB address books not on macOS (tdf#38397) Not supported
Native JDBC driver Supported Not supported
Connect to ODF spreadsheet (Calc) file format Supported Not supported
Database engine HSQLDB 1.8.x, FirebirdSQL (experimental) Jet
Importing data sources (tables) from within the database application Either via drag & drop from Calc or via drag & drop from another Base window with the data source being open. (1) (tdf#51872) Supported
Exporting tables to different file formats from within the database application: Only via drag&drop to LibreOffice Calc or via drag & drop from another Base window with the writable data source being open. (1) (tdf#73798) Supported
Edit MS Access files Limited olders driver "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0" works fine for read/write, while "Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0" driver only reads; (tdf#43187). Driver only works on Windows. Supported
Native connector for: Microsoft SQL Server No, via ODBC Supported
Search & replace in tables Search feature, but no search&replace (tdf#32506) Supported
Crosstab queries Not supported but reproducible with Pivot Table with Calc (FAQ 142) Supported
"Linked tables" capability Not supported but you can link text tables (FAQ 143) (tdf#56234) Supported
Imported table from spreadsheets - keep fields format Not supported Supported
Import data from XML, HTML Not supported Supported
Minor Feature Differences LO Base 4.4 MS Access 2013
Native connector for: dBase databases Supported Not supported (removed feature since Office 2013)
Open LibreOffice Base (.odb) files Supported Not supported
Open DOS/Windows legacy formats: Microsoft Works database Supported Not supported
Native connector for: SharePoint lists Not supported Supported
Web service data connection Not supported Supported
Password protection of database Not supported (tdf#70638) Supported
Calculations in database tables Not supported (tdf#72787) Supported

Extensions: LibreOffice extensions adding outstanding features to LibreOffice

LibreOffice has a complex eco-system of extensions (over 380 on extensions.libreoffice.org and over 800 on extensions.services.openoffice.org). Additionally to the extensions already mentioned in above comparison table, here is a selection of some extensions adding valuable features to LibreOffice:

LibreOffice Extensions
General office suite: LibreOffice
LibreOffice Writer
  • TexMaths adds an LaTex equation editor to LibreOffice
  • DMaths adds a comprehensive mathematical tool box to LibreOffice Writer
  • Chemistry allows to insert chemistry formulas as image from formula.
  • COOoder provides syntax highlighting for LibreOffice Writer.
  • AddPics creates a Writer document from pictures of scanned pages.
  • Writer's Tools is a set of utilities for frequent writers.
  • Alternative find & replace dialog for Writer.
  • Typography toolbar for advanced use of Graphite smart font features.
  • QR code Generator
  • Transcriber, transcription tool for audio files.
  • Organon, organisation and navigation tool to organize long texts (novels, narrations, scientific works).
  • Template Changer, allows to change the template for an existing document.
  • File format filters
    • Export-Freemind allows to export Writer documents to Freemind mind manager.
    • Writer2LaTex allows to export Writer documents to LaTex.
    • Writer2ePub allows to export to the a free and open e-book standard ePub.
LibreOffice Calc
LibreOffice Impress
  • Export as Images allows to export all the Impress slides or Draw pages as images of JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF format.
  • OpenCards is a free award-winning flashcard learning software.
LibreOffice Draw
LibreOffice Base

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